No Clump Lashes

Anastasia Mascara is my new lash fav. 
What started as a sample will now take a more permanent spot in the daily line up!
Anastasia Lash Lifting Mascara
Product description: One coat of this exclusive silky, non-clumping, double effect mascara will add full volume thickness and uplifting curl.

Price: $22.00
But I found the best price here

Where can I get it?

What does b* say?
This is my mascara of the moment.  With mascaras in the past my eyes get irritated and tend to water.  Maybe due to the excess alcohol.  But I have never had one irritation due to this product.  It gilds on smoothly,  NO CLUMPING,  and it leaves my lash looking full and long.  It is my current fav and apparently Mrs. Kardashians as well!


who needs a water softener when you can use this...

Use this and there may not be a need for a $3,000.00 dollar water softener system!
Biolage Fotifying Leave-in Treatment
Product description: fortethérapie strengthens weakened hair, combining forces of science and nature to reconstruct while boosting vitality, and smoothing hair. Damaged hair is strengthened while building resistance against future breakage.  Matrix Biolage Fortifying Leave In Treatment is a concentrated conditioner that saturates tired, weak hair. The organic extracts present in Matrix Biolage Fortifying Leave In Treatment bring back flexibility and shine to your hair.

Price: $12.99 and up
best price here

Where can I get it?

What does b* say?
I really like this product.  I grew up with hard water and it made my hair "hard" therefore it would tangle and matte.  Truth to be told I am not much of a hair product gal, they usually leave my hair filmy, greasy and or staticy.  I don't have one qualm with this leave in treatment.  I spay it on damp hair and my brush runs through with out a snag.  My hair feels soft and I do think it contunues to condition!


zappos? yes!

I am not a huge fan of online shopping.  I like to see, feel, and touch the products I am buying.  Plus I am an impulsive shopper.  If it's in front of me most likely I'll buy it, where as online I have too much time to think about it!  Not to mention that waiting 5-7 business days is pure torture. I want to wear it NOW!  But, last year I was given some Zappos gift cards and I have to say I am a total convert!  I used them for the first time today and while I was checking out I had some issues with the gift cards.  It was late and I was tired, I knew I needed to call the 800 number but was dreading dialing it because I didn't want to deal with an automated system or the representative on the other line.  I am on work calls everyday with 1*800 numbers and by the time I get off the phone I want to pull out my hair and take a nap!  Not this time!!!  If I had more thumbs this rating would be higher but I give ZAPPOS TWO thumbs up.  And we all know my thumbs are larger than average so this is saying a lot!

I highly recommend this to all!  The person on the line was pleasant and very helpful.  She issued me a new card without making me feel like and absolute idiot.  No explanations just basic necessary info and bam she sent me a new code!  Not to mention that she upgraded me to VIP...OHHH.  Which means next day shipping. AMAZING.  By Tuesday Miss. G  will be sportin' these.

Yeah for Zappos!


It's not the "Pit's"

I am crazy about Donna Karen Cashmere Mist.  I first fell in love with the perfume and then stumbled upon this...
Donna Karen Cashmere Mist
Product description: The ultimate cult product. Try it to believe it. Totally gentle and effective. Delicately scented with Cashmere Mist, this advanced formula also controls wetness and perspiration, keeping you feeling dry and smelling fresh all day. So gentle it can be used immediately after shaving without irritation. Perfect for even sensitive skin.


Where can I get it?
Nordstrom or online

What does b* say?
I love the perfume I think the smell is mature and divine but the deodorant is above any other that I have tried.  I read this comment,  "the best deodorant on the market today, keeps you dry, smelling great! Would recommend it to all. Worth the little extra".  And they are my sentiments exactly!!


*b's shower essentials

I don't know about you but I totally have a shower routine.  I put a clarifier in my hair, exfoliate, shave upper extremities, wash out clarifier, shampoo, shave lower extremities, wash shampoo out, condition hair, wash face, scrub feet, and conclude by washing out conditioner.  I rarely skip a step and if so, I feel completely incomplete.  OCD? Maybe I like to think of it as CDO {alphabetically} but obsessive or not there are a few must have items that every women should have in their shower arsenal. 

Mach 3 Razor by Gillette
Product description:The Mach 3 Razor Blades refill pack is compatible with the best manual razor on the market, the Mach 3 Razor by Gillette.  To achieve the closest shave with less irritation, Mach 3 razor blades are the right choice.  The blades are effective even when shaving against the grain, and allow for the closest shave in the fewest strokes.  The Mach 3 razor blades have patented DLC comfort edges and advanced lubricating strip which allow for an effortless glide.  The blue lubricated strip on the Mach 3 razor blades fades to conveniently indicate a replacement cartridge is necessary.
Price: $7.25+
Where can I get it? Any market or grocer or www.amazon.com
What does b* say?
 Hands down the #1 most important item in the shower.  I am a compulsive shaver!  Hairy = not clean.  And the Mach 3 {for men} is the bomb.  Clean close shave and as long as the razor is not dull you will NEVER have razor burn!

Trish McEvoy #9 Blackberry & Vanilla Musk Body Polish Sugar Scrub

Product description: Luxuriate with Trish's skin-softening Sugar Scrub. Treat your skin to a skin-softening treatment. Rich, creamy and infused with sugar granules and sea salt, Body Polish Sugar Scrub gently exfoliates your skin, leaving it velvety smooth to the touch. Richly scented with the warm aromatic scent of Blackberry & Vanilla Musk.

Price: $48.00

Where can I get it? Nordstrom or any other major department store

What does b* say?
This scrub is very gentle and it leaves my skin very smooth.  Not to mention that the smell is intoxicating!  It's one of Mr. Ace's favs {not on him... on me:)}

Gena Pedi-Pro file
Product description: Washable, Double sided, Large surface area.  Pedicure wand for removal of calluses and dead, dry skin. Leaves feet soft and smoothe.

Price: $2.49

Where can I get it? I get mine at my local beauty supply store Sallys 

What does b* say?
This is nothing fancy but for me it is a must have.  I don't like to wear shoes in the summer.  So this a fix to my predicament.  No shoes = foot file for soft more supple skin.  

Nylon Exfoliating Glove
Product description: Use with your favorite soap or scrub, Wonderful exfoliator, Scrub in circular motion for radian skin.

Price: $3.49

Where can I get it? www.amazon.com

What does b* say?
I prefer my glove to a luffa.  Why?  Personal preference.  I like that it goes on my hand and I feel like I have complete control of the soap.  I my opinion I douse soap on a luffa and have no idea where it has gone.  Plus I can lather with the glove on my left hand and shave with the razor in the right. {rocket science}

Happy Friday!


the most luxuries body creme

I kid you not my body craves this!  
I was introduced to La Mer | Body Creme by my sis-in-law, she always smelled so fresh and not like your typical bar of soap fresh.  I would define it as the most delicate and refreshing scent I have ever smelled.  Once I got more familiar with the product the smell took a back seat to all of the benefits of the product.  As I began to use I definitely noticed more supple and smooth skin.
What does the web say?
Product description: A sumptuous cream that saturates the skin with a wave of long-lasting hydration. Like a seaweed wrap in a jar, this luxurious moisturizing cream infuses dry skin with long-lasting hydration. Micro-Algae Complex attracts and captures moisture throughout the day. Blue Algae Life Ferment™ immediately restores clarity and works over time to diminish the appearance of minor discolorations and improve firmness and tone. Skin emerges supple, smooth and glowing. As The Body Crème is massaged into the skin, circulation is improved. Skin’s look and feel take on a radiant new life. The Body Crème is so lastingly hydrating, daily use may be unnecessary.

Price: $130.00-$195.00

Where can I get it?

What does b* say?
I was really apprehensive at first because it is a very expensive product, but I was blown away. It is so moisturizing, and in a climate like the one I live in winters are harsh and tend to dry out my skin!  I constantly have my hands in water and before using La Mer the lack of moisture would leave me with cracked and dry skin.  I am a firm believer that La mer moisturizes all day. My skin feels as soft at night as it did when I applied it that morning.  One thing to note is that it is very long lasting and you don't have to use very much.  Is it worth the cost?  Try it let me know what you think!


My Favorite EVERYDAY bag


Orla Kiely 'Boulevard Shoulder Bag
Product description: Shiny laminated red, cream white, and navy blue lollipop dot print classic shoulder bag with cotton dotty print lining. Inside details include zip and mobile pockets and key chain. Magnet closure. Canvas handles reinforced with leather.

Price: $168 Org.  $100.00 on SALE here

What Does b* say?
I currently use this bag {in the larger size} as my everyday bag.  It is my fav for many reasons namely its size and material.  I can fit anything in it, it is super durable, and the design is darling.  


Guest Post - By: Ms. Emily K. Frame

Since my son was born, I've had a onesie dilemma. 
I'm not a fan of the onesie tucked into a pair of pants look, and I don't love layering. (Trying to wrangle wild chubby legs while working with minuscule testy snaps is not a good look for me.)

Seemingly my only option, I would put him in a little t-shirt and pants, and his little belly and back were constantly exposed. 

Gap to the rescue! Their 2-in-1 line of t-shirts with built-in onesies are the jam!

A titch thicker than your average t-shirt, but only one pair of snaps to work with is the perfect solution to my strict specifications.

You can get them for as little as $9.99
 and this weekend is Gap's twice yearly "Give and Get" weekend, where you'll get 30% your entire purchase, and 5% goes to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

What does b* say?
Thank you Emily for the brilliant post!  I absolutely remember the days of onsies and had the same dilemma!  But thank goodness for gap.  Moderately priced, practical and cute.
If you haven't met Emily you can follow her here.  
Once again thanks Em!


Our Life Captured Through a Lens

Saturday morning we were fortunate enough to have Heather Telford capture our every day life through her lens.   She was gracious, respectful, funny, and fabulous.  She didn't ask us to do anything out of the ordinary, she just had us go about our daily business.  

What Does b* say?
I am in awe with the way she portrayed the kids.  There are many shots of G that are indescribable.  She was able to capture her spunk and zest for life as well as her sweet tenderness and love for her mommy, daddy and brother.  She also defined the indefinable friendship between C and Mr. Ace.  For those of you interested in a lifestyle shoot or are looking for a stellar photographer I highly recommend Heather.  The gal has got some serious talent and her passion is illustrated through her lens.  
Thanks again Heather!

Check out the rest of the shoot here.


A little Shimmer Never Hurt Anybody!

You may be able to see at this point that I have a bobbi b obsession, but that's okay we all have our vices!  And this product is no difference.  The perfect amount of shimmer creates a natural sheen.   
Bobbi Brown Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow
Product description: A simple, modern way to wear shimmer. This sheer powder is lightly pearlized to softly illuminate lids. Use Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow on lids, as shimmery liner, or as highlighter shade under brow bone. Now in a sleek, new flip-top compact with a 'pop-out-pan' design. Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow shades can easily be used individually or assembled into Bobbi's new makeup palettes. Compatible with Bobbi's customizable pan palettes.

Price: $20.00
Where Can I get it?  Any department store that carries Bobbie Brown or online

What does b* say?
My current favs are Copper Sand; I like to put it in my eye crease to add some depth, Champagne quartz; use this on the flat right above my lashes and blend it into the copper sand, and Bone; is great on the arc of your brow.  It is NOT a GLITTER it is a Shimmer. {there is a difference!} I don't need to be in "DA CLUB" to wear it! I can wear it to work and then touch it up or put it on a little thicker to go out.  It blends with your skin and takes on a very natural look. {It is bobbi brown folks} 
here are picture of the flavors I just listed...


Perfect Polish for Any Occasion

Latest fetish?!?!
  Not a new color just one that has been buried under all my hot pinks and bright reds. 
No one puts baby in the corner...

Product description: Endlessly enticing pale pink

but it is on sale at www.amazon.com for $2.80  

Where can I get it?
Any cosmetic store that carries OPI, online, or amazon

What does b* say?
I am currently obsessed with color.  It is clean and fresh with the perfect shade of milky pink.


And the winner of the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick is....

Who won this

{thank you Mr. Ace for your unbiased drawing skills}
Amanda B.  
and she said, "Your blog is so fun Brittany!! Just did all 3! Thanks"

Thank you everyone for entering... Check back I have some great giveaways in the works!


The Ultimate Lip Glossmier

The must have finale touch.
This glossmier is the perfect mix of glitz and shine!
Chanel Glossmier
Product description: Intense frost and shine for lips. Cool array of hottest colours in a convenient, easy-to-use case. Gel texture imparts a shimmery, ultra-glossy look. New shades add extra sparkle and shine.

Price: $25-$27 {best price at amazon.com}

Where can I get it?
Any major department store or www.amazon.com

What does b* say?
This is my lip obsession. I first fell in love with the color {Black Tie} which has now been discontinued {sad!} but you cannot go wrong with any color.  It covers flawlessly and you have many choices of shades, sparkle, and shine!  Once again a must have product!


G's Back to School Basics

These are my fav 5 for G's back to school basics...

Ash Canvas Classic Tiny Toms
Product Description: These Classics are a child-sized take on the traditional alpargata. They have a reinforced sole, perfect for playing outdoors, and they’re a piece-of-cake for any kid to put on! Argentineans have worn this style of shoe for generations, and now kids can too in this rebirth of a tradition: Classics, in ash.

Price: $34.00

 Where can I get it?
Exclusively at www.toms.com 

 What does b* say?
Love them love them, have seen them in person and they are darling!  FYI they are very narrow\long, if you child has a more round foot this may not be the best choice. 

Mini Skinny
Product description: Meet our mini skinny. Made for the budding fashionista, it's our slimmest fit in our most stretchy denim. Just add ballet flats and a soft T for an easy look she'll love to kick around in.

Price: $24.50

Where can I get it at?

What does b* say?
obviously I have a love for the skinny's and on Ms. G they are fantastic. 

Knit Cardigan:
Product Description: An easy way to layer? Our soft and cozy knit cardigan, made just for her. Choose from a variety of fun colors...

Price: $14.00 or 2 for $11.00

Where can I get it?

What Does b* say?
I think you can't go wrong with a basic cardigan!  You can lay over a cute shirt of sass and warmth...Brilliant!

Girls' Disco Ruffle Tank
Product description: She'll adore this charmer of a tank, with its bib of shimmery ruffles in our famous washable silk. Cotton. Crewneck. Part of the Crewcuts Collection. Import. Machine wash.

Price: $24.99 plus %30 off

Where do I get it?

What does b* say?
I like this kicked up tank.  Paired with a cardigan and skinnys...?

Matilda Jane Goodie Tee
Product description: There really wasn't a better name for this tee. The response was the same from everyone, "Goodie, a long sleeve cookie!" And then she was named!

And trust me on this one, you'll be saying "Goodie" after when she shows up on your doorstep. 

Price: $34.00

Where can I get it? 
www.matildajaneclothing.com You will need to order from a trunk keeper in you area- 

What does b* say?
Seeing as I just bought a boat load of the MJ "Field Trip line"  the not so basic tee is ultimate basic.  Paired with skirts leggins or jeans it is a great way to add some flare to any outfit!

Last Chance for Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Giveaway!


C's back to school basics

This is my top 5 basics for C to head  back to school in:
Kids Adidas White Samba Sneakers
Product description: Adidas's world-famous indoor-performance soccer shoe—the Samba—is crafted in synthetic leather with a gum rubber outsole and Nylex™ polypropylene lining. It's a cool, casual shoe for any playing field. Man-made upper. Import. . Available in select stores.

Price: $50.00

Where can I get it?
www.jcrew.com or http://www.adidas.com/

What does B* say?
C is usually a converse kid and I have not branched out until this year.  Mr. Ace even made the comment that these were the cutest shoes he has seen on the kid.  I really like them!

Boys Vintage Jersey Pocket Tee
Product description: Perfect layered or worn alone, in our vintage cotton jersey that feels like it's been washed—and worn—a million times (so it's extra-soft and comfortable). The one that goes with everything (literally), it's the tee he'll wear again and again. Prewashed and preshrunk for a true fit. Crewneck. Short sleeves. Chest pocket. Import. Machine wash.

Price: $14.50 select colors $7.99

Where can I get it?

What does b*say?
Basic and fantastic!  I love the simplicity not to mention it is so soft.

Minny Skinny Jeans (vintage wash)
Product Description: Meet our mini skinny. Our slimmest pair for your most stylish little guy. A darker wash with cool fading in comfy, stretchy premium denim, these jeans beg to be stacked over his favorite kicks.

Price: $29.50

Where can I get them?

What does b* say?
I was on the fence with this one until I tried them on him.  This paired with a simple tee and converse?  Darling!

Expedition Tee
Product description: Ready for his next adventure? Top off his look in style with our soft and comfy graphic T, made just for him.

Price: $18.50

Where can I get it?

What does b*say?
I really like a graphic tee with a waffle long sleeve underneath and this was must have because C's daddy drives a black 90.

Waffle Knit-T
Product description:Try our soft and cozy waffle T on its own or underneath his favorite graphic Ts.

$14.50 or buy 2 for $11.00

Where can I get it?

What does b* say?
I like how light weight the waffle tee is.  It is great for fall.
Just 2 More days till the BOBBIE BROWN SHIMMER BRICK GIVEAWAY is over don't forget to enter!


Snow and Graham to cheer up my desk

The decor in my office at work is woodsy and mountainesque, not my number one pick or two for that matter, but these beauties adorn my table top and bring a bit of home and cheer!

What does the web say?
Ever mindful of social grace and the precious practice of written correspondence, Snow and Graham offers a full range of paper novelties designed for modern communique. Since 1998, we have expanded from our humble beginnings as a design studio of vision and inspiration to an aesthetic headquarters, bustling with creativity and production. We honor the tradition of surface design with a very contemporary sensibility, combining modern designs with supple papers and fine art letterpress printing. This process allows for the design and materials to reveal the pure qualities of each, creating an expression that is memorable and exceptional in a card that is just right.
Desk Calendar $18.00
Note Blocks $18.00
Letterpress Stationary $19.00+

What does B* say?
I think that they are absolutely delightful!  Every time I look at them I smile.  It is a refreshing splash of joy on my desk!  I don't have the letterpress stationary but I would like them :)

Three more days till the Giveaway is over... Check it out HERE


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