A little Shimmer Never Hurt Anybody!

You may be able to see at this point that I have a bobbi b obsession, but that's okay we all have our vices!  And this product is no difference.  The perfect amount of shimmer creates a natural sheen.   
Bobbi Brown Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow
Product description: A simple, modern way to wear shimmer. This sheer powder is lightly pearlized to softly illuminate lids. Use Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow on lids, as shimmery liner, or as highlighter shade under brow bone. Now in a sleek, new flip-top compact with a 'pop-out-pan' design. Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow shades can easily be used individually or assembled into Bobbi's new makeup palettes. Compatible with Bobbi's customizable pan palettes.

Price: $20.00
Where Can I get it?  Any department store that carries Bobbie Brown or online

What does b* say?
My current favs are Copper Sand; I like to put it in my eye crease to add some depth, Champagne quartz; use this on the flat right above my lashes and blend it into the copper sand, and Bone; is great on the arc of your brow.  It is NOT a GLITTER it is a Shimmer. {there is a difference!} I don't need to be in "DA CLUB" to wear it! I can wear it to work and then touch it up or put it on a little thicker to go out.  It blends with your skin and takes on a very natural look. {It is bobbi brown folks} 
here are picture of the flavors I just listed...

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