Our Life Captured Through a Lens

Saturday morning we were fortunate enough to have Heather Telford capture our every day life through her lens.   She was gracious, respectful, funny, and fabulous.  She didn't ask us to do anything out of the ordinary, she just had us go about our daily business.  

What Does b* say?
I am in awe with the way she portrayed the kids.  There are many shots of G that are indescribable.  She was able to capture her spunk and zest for life as well as her sweet tenderness and love for her mommy, daddy and brother.  She also defined the indefinable friendship between C and Mr. Ace.  For those of you interested in a lifestyle shoot or are looking for a stellar photographer I highly recommend Heather.  The gal has got some serious talent and her passion is illustrated through her lens.  
Thanks again Heather!

Check out the rest of the shoot here.


  1. Brittany!!! I'm so happy I came across your blog. It's fun having you guys as neighbors. I love your family pictures. You are gorgeous! Who get's beautiful long blonde hair like you? Not fair! We'll have to get together with you guys sometime.

  2. Beautiful photos Brit! I've heard of these lifestyle sessions before but I've never actually seen photos from one. What a cool idea!

  3. These are so so beautiful. I love them! Still loving this blog!!!



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