My objective is to share the small amount of knowledge, success and short comings I have experienced with day to day products.  I am not an expert or scholar of any sort! I am just a gal living a normal life who happens to be an absolute sucker for anything that can be bagged, boxed, worn, or eaten.
I will try anything once and if it is a keeper I will
- RAVE - CRAVE - or list as a FAV - 

 I am a mother of two zestful kiddos who you will know as C and G || A wife of one very handsome 30+ year old whom I will refer to as Mr. Ace || I am a business women by day|| an ambitious blogger by night || I am a licensed cosmetologist || I am passionate about food || I have an appreciation for design || I bake because it's therapeutic || I indulge myself in products || I am intrigued by humans || I am enamored with nature || And my guilty late night pleasure is reality television || 

My life time goal is to make sure that I have lived well, eaten best, worked hard, listened intently,  served all and loved much! 

I hope that you will find this blog intriguing and Informative! 


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