Guest Post - By: Ms. Emily K. Frame

Since my son was born, I've had a onesie dilemma. 
I'm not a fan of the onesie tucked into a pair of pants look, and I don't love layering. (Trying to wrangle wild chubby legs while working with minuscule testy snaps is not a good look for me.)

Seemingly my only option, I would put him in a little t-shirt and pants, and his little belly and back were constantly exposed. 

Gap to the rescue! Their 2-in-1 line of t-shirts with built-in onesies are the jam!

A titch thicker than your average t-shirt, but only one pair of snaps to work with is the perfect solution to my strict specifications.

You can get them for as little as $9.99
 and this weekend is Gap's twice yearly "Give and Get" weekend, where you'll get 30% your entire purchase, and 5% goes to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

What does b* say?
Thank you Emily for the brilliant post!  I absolutely remember the days of onsies and had the same dilemma!  But thank goodness for gap.  Moderately priced, practical and cute.
If you haven't met Emily you can follow her here.  
Once again thanks Em!

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