It's not the "Pit's"

I am crazy about Donna Karen Cashmere Mist.  I first fell in love with the perfume and then stumbled upon this...
Donna Karen Cashmere Mist
Product description: The ultimate cult product. Try it to believe it. Totally gentle and effective. Delicately scented with Cashmere Mist, this advanced formula also controls wetness and perspiration, keeping you feeling dry and smelling fresh all day. So gentle it can be used immediately after shaving without irritation. Perfect for even sensitive skin.


Where can I get it?
Nordstrom or online

What does b* say?
I love the perfume I think the smell is mature and divine but the deodorant is above any other that I have tried.  I read this comment,  "the best deodorant on the market today, keeps you dry, smelling great! Would recommend it to all. Worth the little extra".  And they are my sentiments exactly!!


  1. Hey Brit- I like your blog! I have a question because I am so clueless about this kind of stuff. What's a good eye cream, I already have so many wrinkles around my eyes that I'm too young for. Any idea's?

  2. Nice to see this frangrance come back into style. I had it when I first moved to utah so it holds lots of memories. I think I bought it back East maybe. Utah seems to always take forever to catch on. pretty inexpensive, really. Didn't known there was a deodorant :) awesome! I love this blog!

  3. I love this deodorant! I used to use it back in the day and just purchased it again after seeing your post! The smell is so fab and clean! And, guess where I bought it from? ZAPPOS! Haha, free shipping!

    Darling blog, keep it up, love reading every day!

    Liz B.

  4. Brit, love your blog, love this deodorant and LOVE reading about all your favs, craves, etc. So fun! I just bought this DK deodorant again and guess where I found it? ZAPPOS.COM haha! Free shipping!

    Keep it up!

    Liz B.

  5. b.... you got me hooked!! i can't believe i went with out it.
    i LOVE your blog. i am the easiest sell. i have already bought so much of what you recommend. ha ha. ;)

  6. This has been my B.O. stick since 9th grade. It's a bestseller at Nords.

  7. Consider yourself my new best friend! I have tried soooo many deodorants over the years searching for one that had a nice fragrance AND actually worked. After seeing this post I went to Nordstroms and bought it. I love it and I've been recommending it to everyone I know. Thanks for all your greats tips and lovely little finds. Keep it up!



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