zappos? yes!

I am not a huge fan of online shopping.  I like to see, feel, and touch the products I am buying.  Plus I am an impulsive shopper.  If it's in front of me most likely I'll buy it, where as online I have too much time to think about it!  Not to mention that waiting 5-7 business days is pure torture. I want to wear it NOW!  But, last year I was given some Zappos gift cards and I have to say I am a total convert!  I used them for the first time today and while I was checking out I had some issues with the gift cards.  It was late and I was tired, I knew I needed to call the 800 number but was dreading dialing it because I didn't want to deal with an automated system or the representative on the other line.  I am on work calls everyday with 1*800 numbers and by the time I get off the phone I want to pull out my hair and take a nap!  Not this time!!!  If I had more thumbs this rating would be higher but I give ZAPPOS TWO thumbs up.  And we all know my thumbs are larger than average so this is saying a lot!

I highly recommend this to all!  The person on the line was pleasant and very helpful.  She issued me a new card without making me feel like and absolute idiot.  No explanations just basic necessary info and bam she sent me a new code!  Not to mention that she upgraded me to VIP...OHHH.  Which means next day shipping. AMAZING.  By Tuesday Miss. G  will be sportin' these.

Yeah for Zappos!

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