who needs a water softener when you can use this...

Use this and there may not be a need for a $3,000.00 dollar water softener system!
Biolage Fotifying Leave-in Treatment
Product description: fortethérapie strengthens weakened hair, combining forces of science and nature to reconstruct while boosting vitality, and smoothing hair. Damaged hair is strengthened while building resistance against future breakage.  Matrix Biolage Fortifying Leave In Treatment is a concentrated conditioner that saturates tired, weak hair. The organic extracts present in Matrix Biolage Fortifying Leave In Treatment bring back flexibility and shine to your hair.

Price: $12.99 and up
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Where can I get it?

What does b* say?
I really like this product.  I grew up with hard water and it made my hair "hard" therefore it would tangle and matte.  Truth to be told I am not much of a hair product gal, they usually leave my hair filmy, greasy and or staticy.  I don't have one qualm with this leave in treatment.  I spay it on damp hair and my brush runs through with out a snag.  My hair feels soft and I do think it contunues to condition!

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