Snow and Graham to cheer up my desk

The decor in my office at work is woodsy and mountainesque, not my number one pick or two for that matter, but these beauties adorn my table top and bring a bit of home and cheer!

What does the web say?
Ever mindful of social grace and the precious practice of written correspondence, Snow and Graham offers a full range of paper novelties designed for modern communique. Since 1998, we have expanded from our humble beginnings as a design studio of vision and inspiration to an aesthetic headquarters, bustling with creativity and production. We honor the tradition of surface design with a very contemporary sensibility, combining modern designs with supple papers and fine art letterpress printing. This process allows for the design and materials to reveal the pure qualities of each, creating an expression that is memorable and exceptional in a card that is just right.
Desk Calendar $18.00
Note Blocks $18.00
Letterpress Stationary $19.00+

What does B* say?
I think that they are absolutely delightful!  Every time I look at them I smile.  It is a refreshing splash of joy on my desk!  I don't have the letterpress stationary but I would like them :)

Three more days till the Giveaway is over... Check it out HERE

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  1. I love Snow and Graham! My aunt Amber sells this line! www.sassymia.com



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