Couldn't wait to get home to what?

Saturday at 3:30 am I embarked on a one day adventure with my daddy.  Almost all {heavy on the all} adventures with him have to do with a car, car show, car auction, car unavailing etc... regardless of the the reason a day with him anymore is rare and one I would not pass up.   So after 4 flights, 2 layovers, 1 amazing breakfast, 3 auctions, 1 Ferrari unavailing, horrible airport Chinese food, and no sleep for almost 22 hours let me tell you the product I craved most...

Product description: Lathering cleanser.  Suitable for oily or combinations skin.  Produces a lather necessary to remove excess surface oils.  Not tested on animals.  Key ingredients:  Apricot kernel oil, Contains high amount of vitamin E and it aids in fast absorption.  Avocado oil, avocado is know to be the most moisturizing fruit and contains amino acid, vitamins, and potassium. 

Where can I get it?
www.kiehls.com or www.nordstrom.com or any department store that carries Kiehls

4.2 fl. oz. $12.50
8.4 fl. oz. $17.50
16.9 fl. oz $26.50

What does B* say?
I kid you not I was so excited to get home to wash my face!  I walked in the door and this is the first thing I did.  So why this cleanser?... I have never had much luck with cleansers.  I have sensitive combination skin and I love to pick my face.  I have used numerous products from cream based to liquid and this to date is my absolute fav.  It is a gel not cream, but once it's wet it lathers like nothing else there is no strong scent and it removes makeup completely.  It is gentle and yet I feel it has done it's job.  Oh another thing is that I don't feel like it breaks the bank either.  $26.50 for a large bottle is not too bad! I recommend this to all and hope you like it as well as I do.

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