my new burlap pillow

I have been searching lately for some new pillows to perk up my couch.  
Low and behold I found the perfect "burlap" pillows at Swiss Days {a bizarre that takes place in Midway, Utah the weekend of Labor day}.  


Where can I get it?
Like I said I got mine at Swiss Days, unfortunately the booth that I got mine at didn't have a website or blog.  They are in the process of creating one and when I do I will have a link to their site.  In the mean time, here are some alternatives that I found...
learn how to make them here

What does b* say?
Well the definitely won't be the pillow that you choose to lay your head on but man are they cute.  Mine say HOME, CHEERS, and GATHER and I think they are the perfect addition to our couch.  Another thing is that they are reasonably priced!

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  1. These are beautiful! I love them! Please please post the link to the etsy shop if/when you get them!



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