Dry Face? Heres my secret!

I know I have dropped of the blogisphere and not that there is a good excuse. 
 All I can say is life is a tad bit crazy. 

I had a question this morning about face cleansers. 
The text I got said "my face seems really dry.  It may be the weather but what cleanser do you use?"

I am currently using this and I did a post about it a month or so ago.  There are a few things I really like about the Kheils foaming non-detergent washable cleanser... it cleanses extremely well!  I like the foaminess and it really does get all of my make up off in one wash.  One negative is that it may be drying.  It does seem a little aggressive.  So this brings me to the cleanser I used before...

Product Description: Ultra-mild cleansing powder for all skin types. Water-soluble. Fresh fragrance. Apply daily in the morning and evening for the pleasant feeling of clean and relaxed skin.

Price: $38.00

Where do you get?

What does b* say?
My skin is riridiculous and most likely it is my hormones and everything else that being a women entails.  (Oh and my picking habit???)  Regardless I switch cleanser often.  I went through a faze where my skin was really dry and this was my what I used and loved it.  It was gentle.  I did have to cleanse twice to remove my makeup but I do recommend it. 

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