A "Splendid" Fall Cardigan

Looking for something EXTREMLY soft and comfortable with style? 
You've met your match I was unsure whether to wear it out or hop back in bed.
It is casual and stylish!

Splendid Open Front Cardigan
Product Description: Soft knit cardi is styled with button-tab sleeves and finished with large patch pockets near the hem. No closure

Price: $68.00

Where can I get it?

What does b* say?
As stated before it is so comfy I could have slept in it.  The fabric is soft and light on your skin.  Perfect for fall.  Fashionable with it's button faceted sleeves and length that covers the Heine. 

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  1. So nice to hear from you! Is this your main blog? I got a little confused, but didn't see anything recent on the baking one. We still need to get together. I am gone next weekend and then the next week. Sept. doesn't seem any slower than the summer but as long as we do the cooking class before it snows! I will have to blog about it!



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