Down Set Hike...

I am definitely not the gal who watches Monday night football by herself but I am a total college football fan!  Unfortunately for me it is not so much about the game as it is about the memory of sitting next to my daddy and besties, eating a cougar tail {a foot long maple bar, YUM}, enjoying a hot dog, and sipping on coco. 
 What ever your excuse this rave was a gift and I am crazy about it!

The official Jock & Jill Collegiate line. Pick your favorite University and wear it with pride.

Brigham Young University Earrings (Dangle)
Product description: These dangle earrings are a fun way to show off your favorite University. It could be yours, that or a loved one to represent your favorite team or school. These delicate rhodium plated* and hand painted dangle earrings displays the Collegiate Logo of your choice surrounded by 18 small crystals. *Rhodium is derived from platinum. It is a durable precious metal that is silver in color.

Price: $15.99

Where can I get is?
at your school of choice's book store and stadium stores

What does b* say?
This is a brilliant gift for the "feminine fan"!  I was shocked with the quality and even more shocked at the price.  I think it reasonable and elegant.  I love how the diamonds add the perfect amount a bling!  I will definitely be sporting these this Saturday!

Check this out too...
 Check http://www.firstandgirl.com/ for a team near you!
Coming Soon!


  1. The blue earrings ROCK, but I think that red U is SO TACKY! haha



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