Guest Post- By Ms. Jenna

The first appliance to steal my heart was a wedding gift, my black 5 qt kitchenaid. I screamed when I opened it. Her & I have created many a scrumptious meal together over the years as she still sits so beautifully on my counter.

Then there was my LG front load washer & dryer I got as a Christmas surprise one year from my husband. I cried when I opened them. Literally tears. They stare at me so shiny and happy in my laundry room and some how ease the pain of piles of dirty clothes.

But the mother of appliance affairs came last year when I purchased my very first….DYSON {insert choir of angels here.}

Meet my best friend, the Dyson DC14 All Floors Bagless Upright Cyclonic Vacuum.  I honestly had no idea a heart could feel so full when discussing an appliance. I want to {and have been known to} shout from the rooftops my devotion to the Dyson. You will be amazed {and slightly scarred for life} when you feast your eyes on what this baby can suck up. I can assure you that once you let a Dyson in to your home, you’ll never go back.

The top Three reasons I’m obsessed?

1. It’s bagless, one button & that junk is outta here. Enough said.

2. It has a 17 ft wand. And not one that takes a biochemist to operate. Easy.as.pie.. The wand reaches up the entire two flights of stairs in my home. I can reach my ceiling fans, base boards, behind couches, above counter tops etc….The world is your dust free oyster with the Dyson.

3. Lifetime warranty. You heard me right. Plus Dyson claims that 90% of issues with their vacuums can be solved over the phone. I've learned to greatly appreciate a company with stellar customer service.

Here's the bad news. It isn’t cheap. I bought mine for $400. The good news for YOU is that my model is now on clearance at Home Depot for $299!!  I bet if you add up all the $50 Kmart Specials you’ve been buying twice a year….you’d have your very own Dyson by now! So hop to it….and happy vacuuming 

A huge thanks to Ms. Jenna for taking the time to write such a brilliant post.  You can find her other masterpieces here or here.

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  1. LOOOOOOOOVE my Dyson!!! There is nothing like it!!! I get excited about that chore!! :)



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