Stila Illuminating Foundation

Foundation Foundation I believe I have finally found you!
It seems like just yesterday but I guess I really found you five and a half years ago and have not gone looking anywhere else.
I have been asked a few times what I use on my face and initially I was shocked! Reason being I know what is under the make up and let me tell you it is less than satisfactory. I have once a month blemishes, sun spots and a horrible picking habit! But with Stila Illuminating foundation I have achieved a clear, dewy, not heavy semi-matte finish!

Where can I get it?
Stilacosmetics.com or any Sephora Store (unfortunately Nordstrom not longer carries it!) or Amazon.com

How much is it?

What is the best color for my skin?
This is going to be to each his own {obviously} But I am a 50 watt except in the summer I like to go a shade darker which would land me with a 60 watt

What does the web say?

illuminating liquid foundation

Picture-perfect skin is now a reality with our illuminating liquid foundation.

This silky, lightweight formula glides on effortlessly for sheer to medium coverage that hides flaws and imperfections so your left with a luminous, air brushed look. A silky, semi-matte finish evens out natural skin tone to uncover your true beauty.

Infused with Mica, tiny crystals found in nature, this skin illuminator reflects light, leaving you radiant and glowing. Perfect for sensitive or dry skin. Simply brilliant!

So How did I begin this love affair with Stila's Illuminating Foundation? Good Question. I got engaged to Mr. Ace 5.5 years ago. Along with a huge list of uncertainties I was in between foundations {which is a Freudian slip in it's own right}. Which is never a good thing to be uncertain of! I had moved back in with my parents and I had told Mama B my dilemma and she handed over her newest purchase "Revlon Age Defying Makeup with SPF" being the cosmetic guru that she is I trusted her and slapped on the creamy product and went on with my business. Needless to say 3 day's later and 4 days till bridal pictures I woke up with a nasty rash on my face. I may have been allergic but my belief is that no 19 year old should be wearing "age defying" anything. I sheepishly went to the dermatologist and he hooked a sister up. We postponed the pictures for a couple days and in the mean time I was back on the hunt. The hunt lead me to the Nordstrom Stila counter. One makeover later and voila... I was hooked! The match was made Illuminating Foundation + me = One happy faced gal!

Quick disclaimer:
{1} Just because Revlon Age Defying Makeup did not work for me I am not saying that I will not work for you! {Give it a try. Let me know what you think!}
{2} I am by no means say that my skin is now flawless all I am saying is that I think it is the closest I am going to get!
Pic {1 & 2}From www.stilacosmetics.com
Pic {3}: By Brittany


  1. DARLING blog!! Excited to keep checking in! I am bummed Nordstrom doesn't carry that foundation anymore. I have been a lifer Clinique foundation user but that sounds like really great one. Talked to your cute dad the other day. He is awesome :)

  2. Love your blog Brit. This is great! I have been using Bare Minerals for nearly 2 years and lately I've been in the market for something else! I actually saw this foundation online in my searches. I'm so glad to have a trusted review on it. You're the best. I'm excited to keep up with this! Love ya.

  3. FYI...My mom and I both bought this and we're loving it! Thanks for letting us in on your secret. You are beautiful and always look great, so I love hearing what works for you! Thanks Brit!



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