Silly for Stripes

Okay for all of you online shoppers this post may make you mad.
Mad because these items can only be purchased in a store.
Why mad?  What do I mean?
Well today's fashion fav is brought to you by H&M and unfortunately for all of us folks in the US there is no online store.  

Favorite Tee
Figure-fit top with puff sleeves. Length 24¾"/63 cm in size 14-16. Stretch jersey, 95% cotton 5% elastane. Machine wash 

Price $5.99  <-- I know really?
Where can I get it?
At any H&M store  
Go Here for store locations

What does b* say?
I am gaga over these tee's .  
I love the runching in the sleeve, it adds femininity to the basic tee.  I also love the subtle stripe.  The shirt is cut perfectly, is long enough to cover my torso and best of all it is comfortable!  A basic tee must have.  


  1. This is such a cute shirt! I'm so bummed that I can't get it! Someone said that H&M is coming to Gateway. It could be just a rumor though. Still loving your blog!

  2. I bought that shirt when I was in San Francisco over the summer. It's a little low cut in the front so I have to wear a tank under it, but I love the stripes and sleeves.



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