Cheek Chic

I have always been one for bronzers!
I have preferred it to blush for years, but as I am getting older I appreciate is more and more.

I was watching Gossip Girl the other night (one of my many guilty pleasures) and could not get over Serena's make up!!!  Skin flawless, with a dewy peachy cheek, and a light orange\peachy lip...

I tried to recreate the look this morning with this...

glominerals blush offers high pigment color for expert shading and highlighting.  Directions: Blush should always appear to come from within the skin, like a natural flush. Always smile and apply gloBlush to the apples of the cheeks using the blush brush or the angled blush brush.
{I like this color}
Price: $25.00
Where can I get it?
In Utah? Marinello School of Beauty
Amazon has the best price at... $19.99

What does b* say?
I am really liking this color.  It is delicate with a perfect hit of color.  I really like that it is mineral based and has a high pigment base.  A little goes a long way.  I also like that it stay true to it tone.  You know when you apply makeup and it looks nothing like the color you bought?  If you don't love the peachyness go to http://www.gloprofessional.com/ they have a great selection!

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