a steaming way to pack

More times than not, when packing for a trip, I find that the clothing I'm packing is creased and wrinkled.  A solution dry cleaners?  
My solution...
The Conair Upright Fabric Garment Steamer
 Product description: This compact upright steamer takes up little floor or closet space, yet is loaded with power for professional results.

Price: $45+
Where can I get it?
I got mine at target, walmart, or Amazon

What does b* say?
I actually find ironing therapeutic so I never really saw the need to steam.  But one day, I was at Janie and Jack getting C and G some Church close, and I watched one of the sales gals iron out a crease in the back of shirt I purchased and from then on I was hooked.  It is easy, heats up fast, and take wrinkles out even faster.  Plus you don't need to hassle with an ironing board.  This may not be the nicest steamer but it gets my jobs done!

Some time steaming or ironing clothing can waft an unpleasant smell.  I like to spray this on my clothes prior to prevent that.
Like fresh linens on a laundry line blowing softly in the warm summer wind, Cotton has airy top notes of fresh linen breezes and liquid oxygen, infused with peach and crisp citrus mandarin, orange, and bergamot accords. The heart of this fragrance is made up of the brand new Marc Tee signature accord, captured from an actual Marc Jacobs t-shirt, mixed with cotton flower and fresh lavandin notes wrapped up with lily of the valley. The dry-down of this fresh fragrance is a blend of cotton musk, smooth white suede, rich sandalwood, and blonde woods.
Price: $65.00
Where can I get it?
What does b* say?
This is what I imagine heaven smelling like!  Clean and fresh.  I spray this on my linens preferably right out of the dryer. 

PS - Am a huge fan of this in flight WiFi.  2 thumbs up for delta.  But I am going to take one thumb back because they charge to much for bags! 

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