Need a tan?

As I have mentioned before I have a desk job...
 I rarely see the sun, which is not good for me physically or mentally. 
I am a believer that with a tan I am 10 lbs lighter!
 I have been so pale this summer that Mr. Ace lost me in my sheets once. {ha}
So what brings me to this rant??? 
I am heading here tonight
And don't want to look so vitamin d deprived.

What is my solution?

Jergens Natural Glow
Product description: Jergens natural glow Firming Daily Moisturizer gradually creates fabulous natural-looking color with a subtle skin darkening complex.It is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Price: $6.00+

Where can I get it?
Or any drug store

What does b* say?
I kind of have an event\vactation tanning routine and this works into the mix.  UV beds 1-3 three times before event\vacation, spray tan followed up with a nightly application of Jergens.  
While on the trip I continue nightly with the J Natural Glow to prolong the tan and keep my skin hydrated.
I know tanning beds are not good for my skin so I try not to go very often.  This product is the my everyday alternative to the beds. {unless there is an event\shindig then I do the aforementioned along with the product}  It gives me the perfect DEW and can replace lotion if necessary.   

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  1. Brit...this is one of my favs too! I use it all the time. Love it...Good pick



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