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It is Sunday afternoon and as I reminisce on this past week I am overwhelmed with emotions.  Exhaustion, emotional and spiritual rejuvenation,  and a greater respect for the addict\alcoholic that fights the fight everyday.  As some know I am on the operations team at Cirque Lodge as well as the event planner\coordinator.  This last weekend we wrapped up our 11th annual alumni reunion a big thanks goes out to all of those who came out to rekindle their recovery.  We had some great uplifting and life changing speakers which leads me to today's rave...
The Lost Years: Surviving a Mother and Daughters Worst Nightmare
About the book:The Lost Years is a true life story of addiction and recovery that reveals the brutal details of the worst that can happen to an ordinary family and how they triumphed over adversity. It describes a daughter's decline into alcohol and drug addiction, and her mother's attempts to rescue her yet protect herself and her other children. Written as a dual narrative, mother and daughter give their first hand accounts of the years lost to addiction and alcoholism, and how tough love, intervention and rehabilitation eventually saved them and their family. Kristina now works in the treatment of addiction as an expert interventionist and Constance shares her hope and recovery with families, in Al-Anon meetings and in their community. 

Price: $10.00+

Where can I get it?

What does b* say?
12:30pm Saturday September 11th Kristina Wandzilak and Mother Constance Curry took foot on the Cirque stage.  A hush came over the crowd of 375+ Cirque alum as they began reading an exert out of their book "The lost years".  The duo carried on, one at a time, depicting detailed accounts of Kristina's alcoholism that began at age 13.  Constance explained her roll as a co-dependent mother trying to take care of 4 children,  be the perfect soccer mom, and still get dinner on the table to appease her once alcoholic husband.  Kristina described to us her first occurrence with alcohol at the young age of 13 and then went in to detail about her life as it spiraled downward almost to her eternal rest.  She shared with us being homeless, robbing homes,  selling her body, holding men at gun point all to get high.  
Finally, concluding with the point of redemption. 
I am inspired by the Kristina's ability to over come addiction.  I strongly recommend this book to any adult who is suffering with addiction or any adult who has a loved on who is suffering.   It does contain vivid accounts of rape, drug use, and language.  I do not recommend it to children.  Whether you suffer from addiction or not you most likely know some one who does.  I like how it explains alcoholism and drug abuse as an illness that can be successfully treated with therapy, support, etc.  I find it empowering, I am honored to work at Cirque and I am grateful for those who are sharing their stories.  It is my prayer that those who suffer will find help!

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