My Most Favorite Body Firming Emulsion

"Philosophy's Amazing Grace body firming emulsion"  is a must have product! The bottle states that it "conditions and helps stabilize moisture levels of dry skin - firming agents help revitalize aged and wrinkled skin - protects and maintains skin integrity - antioxidant rich with vitamin c and e ".  I think it is neat that each of Philosophies products come whit a Philosophy... hence the name.  
What is Amazing Grace's firming body emulsions philosophy: the natural aging process causes the soft tissues of our faces and bodies to begin to descend. our eyebrows frown, our lids droop, our eyes appear hollow, our noses and ears larger, and our jawbone is less defined. as for our breasts, bellies and our buttocks, it's no different. we can fight the process, or we can yield to losing our bodies, gaining our souls and finding our grace.

What does B* say?
I fell in love with the fragrance before I even knew that it was a firming lotion!  Mama B's bestie happened to be wearing it and I was completely beguiled by it's fresh, clean, floral sent.   Once again I found it Nordstrom {the department stores in this area are lacking, to say the least.}  I purchased the perfume spray, fragranced hand cream, and the body firming emulsion.  I tried them all but fell in love with the emulsion because of the philosophy and I think the scent in the emulsion is better than in the hand lotion.  I have not noticed the firming agent as much as I have noticed the moisture that it provides for my skin.  I have had many complements on the scent, it is long lasting and not overpowering!  I use the lotion on C and G and it is absolutely tantalizing!!
Like I said... This is a must have product for you and your kids!

{Price varies upon bottle size}

Where can I get it?


  1. I can attest to this lotion! I've used it for 2 years now and love it!!! I'm glad you think the same. :)

  2. You sold me. I AM getting that.



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