The Ultimate Summer Time Sandwich

Nothing screams summertime to me more than an
avocado - tomato - cucumber - sandwich
This slice of deliciousness has evolved throughout the years.
What once was a meager piece of toast and avocado has now become in my opinion the ultimate summers night crave.

Growing up my family was extremely busy {even that is an understatement}. I can count on two hands the meals we had around a dinner table with everyone present {excluding Sundays}. One thing I could always count on was a piece of bread, tomato or avocado. I have probably had hundreds of these and on the rare occasion that we would have tomato and avocado I would combine {OH...}. Now that I am much older ;) and have a crazy work\family life delivering a sufficient family meal every night is not always easy. But one thing I can usually count on is a slice of wheat bread tomato and avocado. Their are many options with this sandwich and I like mine with a crisp, crunchy cucumber.

How do I make this:
Toast one piece of Wheat Bread
Smash or cut one Avocado {I prefer the smash. You can smooth it on like butter. No sliding}
Spread on toast
Cut in rounds one Roma Tomato
Place on Avo Spread
Sprinkle Kosher Salt and Pepper generously {Salt brings out the flavor in the tomato}
**Also try with**
Cucumbers or Sprouts
Picture taken by: Brittany

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