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Well folks many may think I am biased but this is the honest to goodness truth. 
Talk Chow Play House is one blog you will want to follow. 
The gals behind the goodness are two sisters with an unparalleled knack for all things creative and delicious!
Sister K is a culinary guru and graduate of The Culinary Institute in Arizona and an up and coming photographer.
Sister B is an absolute creative goddess and darn good cook ta boot.
These gals have a unique vision and Passion for all things yummy!
you can follow them

Beef stock Marinated Mushrooms
A must try!  Fortunately I have sampled some and let me tell you a steak and those mushrooms.  You'd think you were eating like royalty!
Photo by: Kara at Talk Chow Play House
Tomato-Mozz summer salad
Of course this is my salad of choice! Reason?  This was the first thing Mr. Ace and I had in common.  Our favorite salad/appetizer is a Caprese. 
This salad is unreal, refreshing, and a delectable summer snack.
Photo by: Bri

These Lemon Meringue Cupcake are on my NEED to try list.  If you try them first let me know if they really are as good as they look!
All pictures taken off  Talk Chow Play House

All pictures taken off talk chow play house

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