Calling All Mommies

Boy do I wish I had known about this tub with C and G.  
It is a must have and my current

Price $39.99
Where can I get it at? Allmodern.com

What does b* say?
The soft foam folds and conforms just right in any sink.  I like how it keeps baby B's head out of the water all while keeping his body warm with just the right amount of water.  There are small outlets in the foam for the water to drain if the level gets to high.  I also like that it is a BPA free product so it reduces germs and bacteria.  I would suggest this item for any and all new moms.


Join me!

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Please join me
Wednesday, Ferbruary 1st
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At my home
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Hope to see you there!!



Meal Time

I have a question, is meal time at your home as difficult as it is at mine?  
If the kiddos like the meal they don't say a word and the food goes down fast.  If they HATE the meal {which is more than not} then it is painful for all of those around!

Today I was perusing a local boutique and came across these...

Price: $11.95
Where can I get it at? Amazon

They also have these darling back pack which C and G love.  They are perfect to a day or night outing.
Price? $16.49
Where can I get it at? Amazon

Although meal time may no get easier,  at least it will be done adorned with darling serving wear.

Happy Friday Folks!


Look No Further!

I have been looking for the PERFECT concealer for quite some time now.  I at one point I almost gave up. Operative word, almost.  Thank goodness I didn't because I came across this beauty a few weeks ago. 

Eye {crave}

Price: $23.99
Where can I get it at? Stila.com or Most Major Department Stores

What does *b say?
I have been looking for an under eye concealer that not only covers up the dark sleepless rings under my eyes, but leaves them dewy and fresh at the same time.  And the buck stops here.  This is the perfect combo of matte and dew.  It is great for under eye circle, scars, redness, and all of the imperfections on your gorgeous face.  Look not further I am sure this is the ultimate concealer.


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Sprucing up the house

We have lived in our home for a year and a half now,  and besides the staples, couch, table, a few chairs, we really have not done much decorating.  It is contemporary and doesn't require much but, every home needs a few nick nacks and or accessories in my opinion to make it feel home like and warm.  An since I have been home more and spend most of my day on the couch feeding a tiny one, those empty walls and spaces on console table have begun to consume me.  Which lead to today's 
{fav} and {rave}

Price $99.00
Where can I get it at? West Elm

What does *b say?
The console table in our entry was is dark wood and rather bare,  I was looking for a table lamp that was unique and would brighten up and contrast the dark wood.  Sure enough I found it in this lamp.  It was the perfect paring of something contemporary yet warm and a bit rustic.  The branch is a warm white with an unglazed finish and the lamp shade adds additional dimension with it's linen texture.


Crazy and ugly as this item is it is an absolute 

Price: $10.00-$20.00 Depends on the timer you choose
Where can I get it at? Amazon or Target
(I got mine at target but found a similar one on Amazon)

What does b*say?
Brilliant!  Why didn't I think of this before and if any of you knew about it you should have shared.  What is it?  It's exactly what the name says it is... a digital timer.  I have two currently in my home and plug my lamps into them.  The lights turn on at 5pm and shuts off at 11pm, 7 days a week.  I like coming home to warm glowing lamps!
I suggest you all give this one a buy!


The Toothpick Cord

I have a new 
Price: Reg $89.50 Sale $49.99

Where Can I get it? Jcrew

What does *b say?
This is a fantastic fall, winter, spring, pant and if you get the right color and have unpredictable seasons like we do here in Utah you may even be able to wear it into the summer.  The pant is comfortable and soft.  The two things I like most are the color options and the perfect amount of stretch.  It comes in regular, petite, and tall.  For colors I am drawn to the persimmon and sable brown, but you cannot go wrong with any of the options.  PS if you like them act fast!  They are offering %40 off all sale items and in my opinion that is the only time to shop jcrew!

Good Monday readers



Thank you for your patience.  With the arrival of baby B, the holidays, and everyday life with three actually 4 (Mr. Ace definitely counts as a kid) life has been busier than normal.  With that said, there have been a lot of neat and fun items I have found and have in store for y'all.    

I will first start with the #1 one thing on my mind post pregnancy.
Getting back into shape.  
First it is the new year and that is always on the resolutions list but,  let's be honest I have a good 20 lbs to go.  

So what am I doing about it?

It is a studio located in Lindon and holy smokes it is amazing.  
It is a mix of pilates, yoga, bar work, floor work, and ball work.
New to UTAH!
It is intense and motivating!

What does *b say?
Right now I am rather addicted.  If I miss a class I feel out of whack.  It is challenging but do-able. It is a class for all ages and they have different class times each day.  Check their web site for any and all inquires.  My challenges for you is to go try it.  I promise it will be an hour well spent.  If you are interested you can contact me or contact the studio and tell them Brittany referred you and they will give you a complimentary class.  

Next concern what to wear:

This is my current 

Price: $7.99 (Not Kidding)

Where Can I get it?

What does b* say?
This picture doesn't do it justice.  It is NEON pink and the fit is fantastic.  Not to tight in the wrong place if you know what I mean.  I have it in pink, green, and orange and recommend it in all.  I actually wear this to workout in with a black sports bra and black workout pants.

Happy Friday


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