Trunk Show

Come join me for a fun night of snacks and the latest Fall trends 

AUGUST 1st, 2011
My Home
(if you need directions or would like my address please email me brittanyasay@gmail.com)

If you would like to place and order from any of these companies but cannot make it to the show please email your wish list to brittanyasay@gmail.com

Hope to see you!!


Orla Kiely "sale"

A few months ago I posted one of my favorite bags.  It was given to me by my mother-in-law who has better style than most gals my age.  It quickly became a crave rave fav "favorite".  So for all of you that were inquiring about the bag you are in luck!  OrlaKiely.com is having a sale! 

My top picks

Summer Flower Stem Betty Bag

Price: Orig $260.00 Sale $156.00
Where can I get it?

Apple A Day Dorothy Bag

Price: Orig $285.00 Sale $171.00
Where can I get it?

Big Summer Flower Baby Changing Bag

Price: Orig $240.00 Sale $120.00
Where can I get it?

These are just my bag picks!  There are other great items on sale as well.

Happy Shopping!


All in one make-up stick

Looking for a creamy blush or shadow?  
Here is my current 

Nars the Multiple

What it is:
An all-in-one, cream-to-powder, multipurpose makeup stick.

What it does:
NARS The Multiple beautifully highlights, sculpts, and warms the eyes, cheeks, lips, and body in an array of shades, from sheer accents to mauve and bronze. 


Price: 39.00

Where can I get it at?

Amazon  OR Sephora


What does b* say?

I currently wear this every day over my bronzer. 

I feel like it is the right addition to a glowing face!  Favorite colors are... Orgasm, Maldives, Lamu. 


Summer Hydration

Let's be honest with all of this summer sun we could all use a little hydration. 
Bobbi Brown Hydrating Gel Cream
Product description: A water-based gel-cream that hydrates and balances skin. This refreshing, lightweight emulsion provides a burst of moisture, leaving skin feeling healthy, rejuvenated-and perfectly prepared for a seamless makeup application. It contains a powerfully enriched mineral water blend to hydrate, balance and revive skin. Ingredients include a tropical grass extract, which instantly increases the skin's natural ability to hold onto moisture, and vitamin E, which provides antioxidant protection against environmental damage.

Where can I get it?
I go mine at Nordstrom but you can get it anywhere where Bobbi Brown is sold you can get it online at Amazon

What does b* say?
When ever I buy a facial cream I tell the person helping me that I would like it to be LIGHT.   Somehow, I get home with my "light" cream and if feels like cake.  Ridiculous.  But let me tell you this one does the trick!  It is the real deal.  Goes on light and moisturises deep. It is simply luxurious! It is a moistuiser for any climate humid or dry. 


A good smelling home is a happy home

I find there are few things less appealing than a home that doesn't smell good. 
Which leads me to my new home 
I posted my most favorite candle a few months ago and stumbled upon this diffuser about a week ago...

Where can I get it at?
Price: $ 32.44

Where can I get it at?
Price: $34.95

What does b* say?
This is not even what b* say's it actually what Mr. Ace says, "there should be no other candle in a home!"  We both think the scent is refreshing and clean.  Just the right amount of sweet.  It makes your home smell amazing.  The diffuser well it goes without saying... it's expensive but worth the price.  Not all diffusers or candles for that matter are created equal!  The candles last FOREVER and the reeds in the diffusers permeate a delicious and long lasting scent.  I hope you and your house guest enjoy this deliciousness as much a we do!



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