NYC Blizzard or Bust

Happy Monday Friends it has been an a amazing few day's.  
I fully now understand the phrase "in a new york minute".  

Mr. Ace and I have been in NYC since Thursday and I have some fun finds to share with you!  We were suppose to be there on Wednesday night but there was a terrible blizzard in the city and they were not letting any planes in.  Regardless of the blizzard we wanted in and made it late on Thursday night.  I will recap the trip this week and tell you about my fav's and not so fav's but for now I will share with you my 

TSA Compliant Travel Bag
Price: $9.99
Where can I get it at?
What does b* say?
Brilliant!  A small bag for all of your toiletries that you carry on the plane.  Works the same as the required ziplock just cuter!

Price: $349.00
Where can I get it at?

What does b* say?
I was in the city a few years back and remember freezing and being envious of the women walking around in their knee length jackets!  It is an NYC must have.  This time I packet my patagonia jacket and was very warm and very happy!  The hood is a nice accessory,  great if the wind kicks in.  I also like that it wraps around the neck if needed and let me tell ya, this trip it was needed!

and last but not least 

Price: $225.00
Where can I get it at?
Hunter or Shoe Parlor in NYC
(The shoe parlor had some of the best customer service I have ever experienced.  If you want to be treated well go there, shop online or call 1-866-466-9259 and ask for Jason.  He is the owners son and absolutely fantastic to work with!  He will hook you up.)
You may also need this: 
Hunter Sock
Price: $40.00
Where can I get it at?
Also at the Shoe Parlor in NYC

What does b* say:
For the type of weather we were dealing with this is by far the ideal shoe. Why you ask?  Even though it was a snow blizzard underneath all that snow is massive slush puddles!  Some are seriously deep.  The sock is a necessity to keep you warm the boot is a necessity to keep you dry.

And that folks is my NYC 2 cent's  
Come back for my fav rave's and craves



It really is MAGIC


Same parents two totally different children!  C is calm, obedient, and all boy.  G is busy, independent, and apparently Picasso.  I spent two nights last week hand in hand with this...  

Product description: Disposable, soft pad that acts like an eraser and easily cleans dirt and grime. Removes scuff marks, dirt and tough crayon marks from floors, walls and doors. Thoroughly breaks up tough dirt and lifts it away from surfaces. Simple and easy to use; requires only water. No fumes, gloves or chemicals needed.

Price: $10.56 (8 ct box)

Where can I get it?
Amazon or any Local Drug Store

What does b* say?
Like I mentioned before, Mrs. Picasso colored on 3 walls last week, 2 different crayons, pencil, and a pen in 3 different locations.  We tried a few things that didn't even scratch the surface.  I was turned on to this by one of buddies and am very grateful!  If you have children these are a must have.  Hope you never need them but just in case.  I got your back


A sweet sentiment

My Mom-in-Law did it again. 
She really is the queen bee of well thought out and meaningful gifts. 
For Christmas she gave me and my sister's these...

Product Description: Slide on our Birthstone Stacking Rings by Lori Bonn and keep your greatest treasures—your family—close at hand. Available in all 12 birthstones, each sterling silver ring features a gem of varying size and shape. Designed to nest easily, these rings look fabulous stacked or solo. Select stones symbolic of your children, grandchildren, or significant other…or pick the colors you simply can’t do without. We won’t tell if you won’t. Sizes 6, 7, and 8.

 Price $35.00
Where can I get it at?

What does b* say?
These tender little rings melt my heart!  I have a ruby for C and a pearl for G,  I think of them every time I look at it!  I would highly recommend this for Valentines!  Such a sweet sentimental gift!

Hope you have a wonderful Monday!


Save the date

It's that time of year again...

Save the date
February 1st, 2011
6 pm - 8 pm
At my home
(email me if you are interested and would like directions brittanyasay@gmail.com)

Catwalk chic meets backyard comfort!  Not to mention, mom-approved!  Discover a
new form of expression with sizing from 3m-12y, with a selection of irresistible clothing for you. Inspire your little fashionista to seek out independence, with endless compliments guaranteed!
The website will now offer a "Wish List" feature for you to print and bring to the show.  You can simply shop the site and instead of adding your goods to a shopping cart, you add them to a wish list.  
The House of Clouds spring collection will be posted on Feb. 1st.


Holy Monday Folks

Boy oh boy does it feel like a Monday?
Yes why yes Does! 
 Carry on my friends it'll be over shortly!
Most of you may have made New Years resolution that help improve yourself personally and or professionally.  Unfortunately the "personal" resolutions are way on the bottom of my list year! 
My main 2 resolutions are:
  1) Not to screw up any Cirque Lodge  visitor\employee flights
2) Not to Screw up any Visiting Professionals Weekends. 
Just to give you an idea I make a ridiculous amount a flights and we have VP weekends 2-3 times a month.  That is a lot of planning and my solution to this problem is better "lists"!!!
And let me tell you this is my saving grace and it is cute too...

Product description:  Organize your tasks by day ,  Help your kids remember what to bring to school everyday ,  Leave notes for staff or family members by day , 60 Lined and perforated sheets of heavy-stock paper , Six separate color-coded pads spiral-bound together.

Price $19.50
Where can I get it at?
What does b* say?
This pad works so well for me.  I love that each day I can write down my tasks and tear them off when I am done.  I also like that I can plan the week on days prior and yet again tear them it when I am done.  I own the one above and Highly Recommend it!  I have posted Pictures below of others I would like to own! I think the "shop, call, do" would be great as well as the "me, you, you too".  And if nothing else they are very cute!


a new nite nite remedy

Night time at our house is very structured. 
Go potty, brush teeth, prayers, quick scripture study (they are 2 and 4 years old),  scroop hugs and kisses (group hugs and kisses), sing "child" I am a child of God, tuck in like a "burrito", door open, bathroom light on, Goodnight
The last two items are where the routine presents the issue.  I am changing the bathroom light all the time because they are on ALL night and then with the doors left open they hear everything and are not sleeping very well. 
The solution was found while perusing one of my favorite stores the "SUPER TARGET" <-- Love you!
Circo Love and Nature Mushroom Night Light
Price: $12.99
Where can I get it at?

What does b* say?
I haven't every really been a big fan of night lights.  They are not really bright enough for my kiddos and I don't think they are very cute.  But these are DARLING.  The mushroom bottom is really hot pink not orange and then I got C the cutest little bird.   There are some really neat features about this light, one is that you can charge the light and then it can run on it's charge for 3 full days,two It is safe to tuck in the crib, place on the shelf next to them, and it would be great for travel!  I love the light, the kids love the lights, and I highly recommend it!


Ridiculously dry hands?

Obsessive compulsive disorder mixed with dry winter months is a deadly combo for my hands.  Between washing my hands constantly and the crisp air my hands are undesirable to say the least.  I walked in to work one morning and one of the cracks was so bad it started to bleed.  I was telling my boss about it and two seconds later he walked in my office with this...
(sweet name right?)
If you are dealing with problem skin, eczema, chafing, severe dryness, diabetic skin damage, cracked heels etc., you know how badly you would like to find a product that actually does what it says it does. Well, now you have! Dr Hess Products are so moisturizing and healing that you will fall in love with this product overnight. In fact, if it doesn't help, we will give you your money back, guaranteed

Price $14.99
Where can I get it at:

What does b* say?
It is hard to find a lotion that is moisturizing and NOT greasy.  This product does it.  I love it on my hands especially cuticles and at night I put it on my feet and they are oh so smooth in the morning.  The smell is a "hint" of menthol which I really like.  PS if you are a skier or you get chapped\dry lips it is wonderful for that as well.


Subtle Shimmer

I know you may think you have seen this post before and you have but with a different tone.  I posted months back about the bobby brown shimmer brick bronzer and wanted to tell you about it's amazing sister colors. 
There are a few months in the winter that without fail I am extremely pale.  I usually fix that with a couple of trips to the tanning bed and whole bunch of bronzer, but seeing as I am on a tanning hiatus and bronzer makes me look like an omba lompa I needed to find something else. 
I am currently crushing on this...

This shimmering, brush-on powder creates a soft, rosy glow. Works well with neutral, pink and rose blush shades.

Price $38.00
Where can I get it?

What does b* say?
I am loving this particular color combo (rose)  it is sweet, delicate, and adds just the right amount of color to my face.  I also have apricot and pink and think they are great choices as well.  I hope this helps in adding some shimmer to your already gorgeous face!


What to do?

I need some help...
I feel in love with this article of clothing months ago and posted it here.  At the moment it was a must must have but I couldn't rationalize the cost for a "fad" item.  So, I passed and have had it on my mind since.  A week before Christmas, I was shopping The "Rack" (Nordstroms) and stumbled upon this...
Same great vest HALF the price.  One minor problem... Navy.  I love navy but not as much as the natural on this particular item.  Still on the fence, I purchased it and teeter back and forth daily.  So that brings me to the question of the day...
Keep or Return
Please help what do you think
Leave your comment below!


Snow + Sun =

It is only 20+ degrees here but the sun is shinning and holy moley it is bright outside.  As a kid I never wore sunglasses nor sunblock.  My eyes were never sensitive and I loved the burn on my skin! But age is an interesting thing... I now require sunglasses at all times and I am terrified of having blotchy awful skin so I cake on the block!  Today's craves...

Image Skin Care Solar Defence
Product Description:  4oz. A water based, Oil-FREE moisturizer that provides maximum protection against environmental factors that lead to premature aging. Blocks both UVA & UVB rays for total protection. Our most popular formula yet!

Price $31.00
Where can I get it at?

What does b* say?
I use this product as my daily moisturizer as well.  It is not greasy in my opinion it feels like a light moisturizer and is great under you daily makeup.


Ray-Ban Aviator Large Metal Sunglasses
Price $138.95 or $129.99 (at amazon)
Where can I get it at?

What does b* say?
Mr. Ace surprised me with these for Christmas.  I am crazy about the gold with the rose lens if you don't like the color scheme it comes in an array of options.  Squint no more!!


"Day Off"

It's my day at home. 
If wishes were fishes I would stay at home all day in this... But seeing as I already did that Christmas Eve, Christmas day, and the Sunday that followed to which C responded by saying, "mom you sure wear those a lot" I decided to change mid morning.  Plus I had to take G to dance and I would have been a pretty "wild" site!  
What does this lead to? 
Our Hump day..


Price $59.50
Where can I get it at?

What does b* say?
Comfort Check - Style Check
The fit is perfect and it is oh so cozy!  I am 5'9" and some times it is hard to find pj's that are long enough for my gams.  This set is swell!

And one more 

My teenies little feet get pretty cold this time of year and their Grams got them these for Christmas...

Price: reg $39.50 Sale $28.00
Where can I get it at?

What does b* say?
Oh Oh so cute!  You cannot go wrong with any of the selections!  
PS if they had them in my size I would sport the unicorn without question!


Resolution...Get Fit...Motivation...

Polls show that the number 1 New Years resolution made is to Get Fit\Lose Weight.  For me there is no better Motivation than some new duds.  In my opinion there is no better way to shed a few than in style.  Her are a few of my current 

 Price: Reg $160 best price found at finishline for $129.00

Where can I get it at
Any retailer that sale nike I found the best size selection online at

What does b* say?
I tried these on months ago and decided not to get them because my brain was set on another pair.  A week went by and I couldn't stop thinking about them.  Went back to get 'em out of stock.  I checked my go to online stores and they were out of stock as well.  Low and behold... Finishline and to my excitement they were $30.00 off!  They come in an array of colors, all very cute.  I purchased the black and gray simply because I am on a huge gray kick right now!

Reg $16.99 on Sale for $14.00

Where can I get it at?

What does b*say:
As mentioned above I am in a black gray mood but I am really liking a small splash of color.  An I think this sports bra is perfect.  Great support. Made of nylon and spandex so it is light weight.  And looks great under a black tank with my fav Zella pants. 

Need protein but hate meat or like meat and hate taste of protein powder?  This one is not to bad.  Fill it in your water bottle and take it to the gym with you. It is important to give your muscles the protein that they need!

Price: $52.99 for a 6 lb. bag
Where can I get it at?
What does b* say?
I don't mind the taste of protein but I found that the nutritional facts are some of the best in this product.  140cals in one scoop. 3g carbs. 27g of protein.  and the chocolate really taste chocolaty!

Price: reg. $19.95 Sale $9.49

Where can I get it?
Restoration Hardware or Amazon

What does b* say?
My Grandma had one of these and I liked using it to mix my TANG.   I use this ALL the time to mix my protein shakes.  Quick and easy clean up!  Even if you don't like protein it is a MUST HAVE if you have kiddos!


Bring on the NEW YEAR

The last week of 2010 was filled with a whole lot of essential oils, cough medicine, decongestants,  and finally resulting to antibiotics after a double sinus infection and ear infection.  Needless to say the year as a whole was one for the books.  I am grateful for the lessons learned and things accomplished and I only hope that the culmination of those will flourish in 2011.  I was reminiscing on years past this weekend and thought of year 2000.  I remember where I was, who I was with, what I was wearing :), and the ticking time bomb of some thinking that at midnight the world would end or crumble or something like that!  I am elated to say that it didn't and many a great year has come since.  I love the new year and the excitement it brings not to mention that Mr. Ace and I had our first kiss 6 years ago late on New Years day. blah blah blah.  Bring on the New Years the Asay's are ready  and so am I with some new fun finds.

I find today's fav appropriate for the new year

100 good wishes gold dipped beaded necklace

Product Description:
One wish is never enough! That is why we created our new 100 Good Wishes necklace. Now you have the power to multiply your wishes. Each bead on the necklace- represents a wish. Wear it long or wrap it around your neck for a layered look. 100 great reasons to wear it!
card message:
balance compassion trust luck peace kindness love strength wish clarity real miracle wisdom satisfaction imagination faith fortune vision calm beauty spirit hope integrity bliss enjoy be power live optimism relax grace forever thanks believe patience courage laugh gratitude refresh savor simplify character harmony tranquility pause restore treasure reflect aspire leap dare listen learn dream awaken build embrace support smile experience delight revel indulge celebrate seek originality longevity glee success brilliance comfort greatness unity triumph abundance health loyalty serenity knowledge joy charm warmth humor enchantment happiness contentment friendship healing freedom create begin sing forgiveness cherish protection confidence play good positivity growth

Price $98.00 or $95.00 (at amazon)
Where can I get it?

What does b* say?
I like a few things about this necklace namely the length, it is 39.5 inches long and can be doubled up if you prefer that look. It is delicate and a statement piece.   My sweet mom-in-law gave me a pendant for Christmas with my initial on it and it think it goes perfectly on the the chain.  Wear it as you may you can never go wrong with a little dogeared luck!

If this were your necklace what would your top 3 wishes for the New Year be?


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