Getting Ready For Baby

Baby's Top 5 
As the time draws near I realize there are still a few items that I would like or need to purchase.  I am able to Mark 3 off my list and would greatly appreciate your help with #4 and#5

#1 Infant Car Seat
Price $299.00
Where can I get it at/

What does b* say?
I am a peg perego fan!  I had one with C and G and loved it.  Although it was a tad bit heavy it was sturdy, durable, and seemed very comfortable compared to others I had looked at.  I also like that it is compatible with my bugaboo stroller as well as my double peg stroller.   I have to say if you are looking for a car seat look no further!

#2 Infant Baby Lounger
Price $200.00
Where can I get it at?
Best price found at Diapers.com
What does b* say?
I was mega excited about this lounger.  I like how modern and simplistic the piece is.  It comes in a plethora of wood bases and color inserts.  I went with the picture above.

Price: $290.00
Where can I get it from?
What does b* say?
I am sure this item is TMI but it was and is a necessity at my home!  I was told with my first child that if I was going to splurge on one item make sure that it was a pump.  Boy do I agree.  This has saved my bacon on numerous occasions.  I really like the medela products and HIGHLY suggest this one.  

Okay this is where I REALLY need your help!!
My children lived in their swing but when Miss G. was born C thought it was for both of them and broke it.  Ideally I would purchase the same swing but they no longer make it.  I am looking for something simple with not a lot of bells and whistles.  Any swing recommendations would be greatly appreciated.  
Has anyone tried this?
or this?
#5 Would be a light weight umbrella like stroller
Maybe this?

Please advise.


Winner Winner WInner

Happy Friday!

The lucky winner on the Little Giraffe Adult throw blanket is...

Michelle and Aaron Darais said...
This is really the greatest giveaway I've ever entered! I have been wanting a little giraffe blanket forever!! I'm crossing my fingers:) I blogged about this and added the button to my blog, michelleandaarondarais.blogspot.com 
Please email me at
with your address
Thank you



When I walked into my office yesterday it looked like it had been a trash can for the past 7 days.  I don't know about you all but it seems like the summer or a vacation will do that.  I came in today rarin' to clean.  Up to this point in the day I had not sat down, but while "noshing" (Mr. Ace's favorite word) on some lunch and browsing the web I came across this...

The Tom Kat Studio\Clean Mama Giveaway

Becky a work-at-home mom of two is the brilliant brains behind these cute organizational charts.  Let's be honest even the most obsessive person needs a large amount of organizational help.  Que these darling time-savers!  Becky has thought of it all.  Everything from cleaning kits to school days kits.  I myself don't think it gets any cuter than the "Cute Calendar Kit".  If you are interested in a giveaway go here www.thetomkatstudios.com or to check out all of Clean Mamas kits go here Clean Mama.

Giveaway ends tomorrow!  Who will be the lucky winner?


Summer Finale

We are back from here...

  It was fantastic. A bit chilly for my liking. But a fantastic final summer hoorah for the entire family. 
Unfortunately, I was a whole lot of this on the vacation

And passed it on to C and G.  Nothing like going back to school with the sniffles.  

PS  I caught up on this last night

Brilliant television in my opinion.

just a reminder: Giveaway will end Friday.  So tell your friends!


Oh Boy

We're having another sweet boy and could not be more excited!
We definitely don't need much to prepare for his arrival but I could not help my self when I came along the line 


My two must haves:
Sweet Peanut Bicycles Infant Gown
Price: $20.00
Where can I get it at?

Footed Peanut Suit Working Machines

Price: $29.50
Where can I get it at?

What does b* say?
I don't know about you guys but my children live in onsies and layettes for about 6 months.  I learned quickly with C my oldest that jeans and excess clothing are not very comfortable nor practical.  Not for us at least.  I remember my mother saying that I should get some gowns because they are the greatest for sleeping\quick diaper changes.  I laughed at her and stated that my son would not be wearing a gown.  Oh how I have eaten my words.  Gowns are a MUST HAVE.  Brilliant for night time.  No snaps, zips, or buttons.  I highly suggest these items for a new born gift or sweet heart of your own.


It's Good Monday

I am telling my self it's good Monday to keep my spirits up, I didn't sleep well last night.  (Let's be honest I have not slept well since 2004.)  Last night was particularly rough but the killer lightening display made up for it.  Did any of you Utahan's see the storm?

is another Stella and Dot Item.  I am on a huge S and D kick so there will be many posts to come.  This one is a fav for many reasons namely it's delicacy and combo of metals

Price: $49.00
Where can I get it at?

 Price: $39.00
Where can I get it at?

What does b* say?
The ring has become a wedding ring for me as of late. I actually think of the 5 rings as each member in my little family.  I found it to be sweet and sentimental.   I love the together forever necklace the "hammering" effect on the metals makes the necklace delicate and too flashy.  Very large hand aside this it what the ring looks like on...


Stain and Seal

Without fail every time I leave the hair salon I leave with a new favorite Smashbox product?  This visit was no different here is the 

Product description: It’s a lip revelation! On one side of this innovative, two-in-one product: a feather-resistant stain that won’t budge for 8 hours. On the other: a very emollient balm that can be worn alone or over the stain for a lustrous touch. The vibrant tint of color is designed to mimic the look of photo gels on set in our studios.

Price: $23.00
Where can I get it at?
Amara Day Spa, Smashbox, Amazon 

What does b* say?
I have never ever been a lip stain fan.....EVER.  The few that I tried have dried my lips, made them flake or felt very chalk like.  As I was browsing the sample bar I asked my hair gal what is your favorite product?  She raved and raved about the stain put it on and raved some more.  I said to her, "I just don't know."  I think it was the commitment of color that made me nervous.  She said stick with the color nude and you'll love it. I bought it without trying it on.  And now I am HOOKED!
  Thanks Brit for the recommendation.
It is a winner winner!

Don't forget about the Giveaway folks.  Just a few more days left!



I have always loved the month of August. 
I was the kid that really looked forward to school starting and now I am the mom that looks forward to school starting.  If your house hold is like mine then you are well into the swing of "back to school" shopping.  
These are a back to school 
and must have

Gap Skinny Rinse Jeans
1969 always skinny jeans
Price reg $69.95 Sale $49.95 

1969 selvage skinny fit jeans 

Price reg $89.98 Sale $69.95 

Boys\Toddler Skinny rinse jeans
Price reg $29.95 Sale $15.00

Mini skinny jeans
Price reg $24.50 Sale $15.00 

Where can I get these at? 

What does b* say?
My kiddos started wearing the mini skinnies last year and they became a staple for back to school.   I really like how they fit on their little leggers.  I am currently sporting the "maternity" skinnys and although I don't look to "skinny" the style is still very flattering.  Last but not least... you cannot beat the price! $15.00 for dang cute kids jeans.  You don't want to miss this.  

Don't forget to enter the Little Giraffe Luxe Throw 


Stella and Dot

Over the next 15 weeks I will try to not gag you with baby and maternity items!  I am sure that they will slip in from time to time but I will share with you my current mommy
This could be a great gift idea for a soon to mommy or grammy!
It may also be nice for a mom to give to a daughter even if they don't have children.

Price: Will vary
Where can I get it at? Stella and Dot
(My good friend Lindy Baker is a rep if you would like to order through her you can email her at lindybakercakes@gmail.com or home.stelladot.com\lindybaker)

What does b* say?
I was crazy about these from the moment I saw them.  They come in silver and gold with many interchangeable charms.  I loved all of the options but this is what I ended up going with:
 Birthstones in June, July, and Nov (for my 3 children), the leaf, and love script in gold.  All delicately place on the ball station chain. 


Cats out of the bag

Blog posts have been extremely sporadic lately.  
For many reasons namely.... 
I am pregnant.
25 weeks + 15 more weeks to go 
{I can do this}  

But I do have a new {fav} and a {giveaway} to make up for the slacking!
The {fav} have been worn day in and day out for weeks and the giveaway I posted a few weeks back, is an Asay family must when it comes to snuggles

Shimera 'Everyday' pants

Price: $42.00
Where can I get them at?

What Does b* say?
These hands down are the greatest pant known to woman!  How I have gone this long without them I DON"T KNOW.  Unfortunately, they are getting a whole lot of wear at my house.  The first thing I do when I get home from work is slip them on.  They are made of Modal\Supima cotton and feel like butter.  There are no tight waist bands, pockets or fuss.  They are light weight, soft and make your lounging\sleeping experience divine.  If wishes were fishes I would wish you all a pair. 

With no further ado:

The Little Giraffe Luxe Throw in Ivory
Retail $175.00

Entry Requirements:
1: Post a comment on facebook\twitter or blog about the giveaway as well as putting the crave rave fav button on you side bar! Then Leave a comment below telling me what you did. 
2: You must be a follower!  If you already follow this blog you must refer a friend who will become a follower.  Please leave a comment below.  
Most Importantly 
3: Leave a comment telling me "how you relax after a long day!"

Enjoy your weekend!


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