Yep...They are real!

A few months back I posted on false lashes and it was all the craze.  
Now I am on to something new... or old and felling fresh and natural.
My Pocket book is thanking me too!


I have seen revitalash for years.  I have considered buying it, wondered what the craze was, and finally took the plunge.  Folks it is AMAZING.  I have always had decent lashes.  Nothing to write home about but enough to bat here or there.  After letting the Minks fall off they looked really weak, frizzy, and in need of some TLC.
RevitaLash to the rescue!!!

What does the web say?
From the makers of RevitaLash®, the leader in non-prescription eyelash enhancement comes Mascara by RevitaLash. Create envious, long-stemmed lashes that every woman aspires. Specially designed brush richly coats each and every lash. 

How Much does it cost?

What does b* say?
 If you feel like your lashes are wimpy and would like them to be longer and fuller this is a great option!!  Mine have double in volume and length in 6 weeks.  I thought it would be a pain to have to apply nightly but it is not.  I just added it to my regular routine.  

Picture is sort of creepy and doesn't do the lash justice..#Iphoneshoot but these are they.

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