Thank you for your patience.  With the arrival of baby B, the holidays, and everyday life with three actually 4 (Mr. Ace definitely counts as a kid) life has been busier than normal.  With that said, there have been a lot of neat and fun items I have found and have in store for y'all.    

I will first start with the #1 one thing on my mind post pregnancy.
Getting back into shape.  
First it is the new year and that is always on the resolutions list but,  let's be honest I have a good 20 lbs to go.  

So what am I doing about it?

It is a studio located in Lindon and holy smokes it is amazing.  
It is a mix of pilates, yoga, bar work, floor work, and ball work.
New to UTAH!
It is intense and motivating!

What does *b say?
Right now I am rather addicted.  If I miss a class I feel out of whack.  It is challenging but do-able. It is a class for all ages and they have different class times each day.  Check their web site for any and all inquires.  My challenges for you is to go try it.  I promise it will be an hour well spent.  If you are interested you can contact me or contact the studio and tell them Brittany referred you and they will give you a complimentary class.  

Next concern what to wear:

This is my current 

Price: $7.99 (Not Kidding)

Where Can I get it?

What does b* say?
This picture doesn't do it justice.  It is NEON pink and the fit is fantastic.  Not to tight in the wrong place if you know what I mean.  I have it in pink, green, and orange and recommend it in all.  I actually wear this to workout in with a black sports bra and black workout pants.

Happy Friday


  1. i have heard so much about Karve.... I might just get brave enough to try it someday

  2. This is a (painfully!) great recommendation!

  3. I'm glad you're back! I bought a Karve studio punch card on Groupon a few months ago and can't wait to try it! I'm glad you give it a good review!

  4. I am glad you're back! I have missed your posts!

  5. Sounds fun! Too bad there isn't one in the SLC area. I am always up to trying new things :)



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