Let's Snuggle!

One of the big things I {crave} while I am at work is a big snuggle on the couch with the littles when I get home.  We have been using a quilt as of late but recently purchased this...


Price: $245.00
Where can I get it at?

What does b* say?
I first bought a little giraffe blankie when C was born and have been hooked on the company since.  They are soft, luscious, and wash well!  I have a few in Luxe as well as Chenille and although they are both very nice and great quality I am partial to the Luxe.  The price point is high but this blanket is one that you will get your money out of!


I pad2

There has been a lot of debate in our house hold about this...

Apple Ipad2

Mr. Ace and I think they are might neat but there are a few pro and cons I would like y'all to weigh in on.

  Why an I pad over a 13" air mac or a mac book pro?  
Do you use your Ipad as much as a computer or is it simply used for the same reasons as you Smart phone?
If you were to get one would you get white or black?
WIFI or 3GS?
16G, 32G, or 64G?
What is the number one thing you use it most for?

And my questions go on but I will start with these.  Any advice would be much appreciated!


And the WInners are?

Sorry for the absence as of late I have been out of town and have not signed on once!  But with no further ado the winner of the fabulous Bijou Market Giveaways are...

Winner of
Cuff by Jos B. is...

Cary Estes said...

I follow this darling blog... and after I saw the market online I wished I was closer! How fun... my favorite thing about spring... little blooms starting to peak out of brown old grass making everything look new again!

Winner of 
Emma Headband by Academy J is...

The McKinleys said...

is it too late to enter this giveaway??? academy j is my FAV. i would love to win :) i'm also a follower of your awesome blog. 

fav thing about spring: my birthday!

Thank you for all of the entry's and great comments!  If the winners would email me their addresses at brittanyasay@gmail.com I will have the vendors send the loot asap!
Thanks again and check back this week for my latest Fav's, Rave's and Crave's


Another Bijou Market Giveaway

Only 7 more short days till Bijou Market...
Don't forget to mark it on your calendar

And how about his great Giveaway to ring in the weekend?

 Price: $8
Where can I get it at?

To enter to win:

Please be a become a follower of crave rave fav and post this to you blog, facebook, or twitter

Please follow Bijou Markets Blog at www.bijoumarket.com

Please RSVP to bijou market on facebook

And then leave a comment stating what you did to enter as well as you favorite thing about SPRING!


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