I woke up this morning yearning to feel "normal". 
Even with a decent nights sleep I still felt like I had been hit by a train. 
That was confirmed when I took a look at myself in the mirror.  I tell ya 34 weeks pregnant doesn't look very good on me, but it is sure worth the reward that will be gracing our family in less than 45 days!
Lately my cravings have been interesting.  
Upon waking these were they...
What I would give for a run.  You know one of those pound the pavement like it was your last.
Preferably wearing these
Nike LunarGlide Womens Running Shoe
Price: $100.00
Where can I get it at?

Then I stared at my tan-less skin and reminisced on those summer days where I could soak up that much needed vitamin D.
It is amazing what a hint of color can do for me emotionally, mentally, and physically.  
But seeing as this is not a viable option right now I am thinking that I will do this instead.

A quick spray tan from perfect tan.
 Price: $48.00
Where can I get it at?
I have posted about these before they really are a great item to have in you arsenal!

Finale Morning 
A Nectarine

Just to sum up the morning non of these were available to me this morning due to time and will.  So opt for...
A bowl of mini wheat's... a bath... and building a fort with these nuggets...

Which curbed all of my other ridiculous cravings

Have a great Thursday

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  1. I totally remember that feeling! Not too much longer. I am so excited for you.



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