Stain and Seal

Without fail every time I leave the hair salon I leave with a new favorite Smashbox product?  This visit was no different here is the 

Product description: It’s a lip revelation! On one side of this innovative, two-in-one product: a feather-resistant stain that won’t budge for 8 hours. On the other: a very emollient balm that can be worn alone or over the stain for a lustrous touch. The vibrant tint of color is designed to mimic the look of photo gels on set in our studios.

Price: $23.00
Where can I get it at?
Amara Day Spa, Smashbox, Amazon 

What does b* say?
I have never ever been a lip stain fan.....EVER.  The few that I tried have dried my lips, made them flake or felt very chalk like.  As I was browsing the sample bar I asked my hair gal what is your favorite product?  She raved and raved about the stain put it on and raved some more.  I said to her, "I just don't know."  I think it was the commitment of color that made me nervous.  She said stick with the color nude and you'll love it. I bought it without trying it on.  And now I am HOOKED!
  Thanks Brit for the recommendation.
It is a winner winner!

Don't forget about the Giveaway folks.  Just a few more days left!

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  1. B, I just want to let you know that I bought the Shimera pants and I just got them in the mail today! Again, you were right, they are the best pants EVER. I might never take them off :)

    I've gotten a ton of the things you've suggested and I've loved all of it! My husband calls me a CRF groupie, I think he's right haha. Anyway, I love it all, thanks for all the suggestions. keep it up please!



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