When I walked into my office yesterday it looked like it had been a trash can for the past 7 days.  I don't know about you all but it seems like the summer or a vacation will do that.  I came in today rarin' to clean.  Up to this point in the day I had not sat down, but while "noshing" (Mr. Ace's favorite word) on some lunch and browsing the web I came across this...

The Tom Kat Studio\Clean Mama Giveaway

Becky a work-at-home mom of two is the brilliant brains behind these cute organizational charts.  Let's be honest even the most obsessive person needs a large amount of organizational help.  Que these darling time-savers!  Becky has thought of it all.  Everything from cleaning kits to school days kits.  I myself don't think it gets any cuter than the "Cute Calendar Kit".  If you are interested in a giveaway go here www.thetomkatstudios.com or to check out all of Clean Mamas kits go here Clean Mama.

Giveaway ends tomorrow!  Who will be the lucky winner?

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