A good smelling home is a happy home

I find there are few things less appealing than a home that doesn't smell good. 
Which leads me to my new home 
I posted my most favorite candle a few months ago and stumbled upon this diffuser about a week ago...

Where can I get it at?
Price: $ 32.44

Where can I get it at?
Price: $34.95

What does b* say?
This is not even what b* say's it actually what Mr. Ace says, "there should be no other candle in a home!"  We both think the scent is refreshing and clean.  Just the right amount of sweet.  It makes your home smell amazing.  The diffuser well it goes without saying... it's expensive but worth the price.  Not all diffusers or candles for that matter are created equal!  The candles last FOREVER and the reeds in the diffusers permeate a delicious and long lasting scent.  I hope you and your house guest enjoy this deliciousness as much a we do!



  1. Hands down my favorite scent! I keep the candles fully stocked in my home. I love having the diffuser in my daughter's bathroom, keeps it smelling fresh all the time.

  2. love these candles, and actually just now bought the diffuser off amazon. thanks. :)



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