Smooth down your frizzle

I am not a huge fan of hair products.  Reason being, I really cannot wash this mane everyday and I have found that most products require me to do that.  Most pomades and cuticle sealers make my hair greasy and\or static.  Blah Blah Blah.  
I don't like product but when I get a wild hair I'll branch out and try something to see if in fact it will not do the aforementioned. I found one folks

Product Description: Lightweight cream-to-serum formula.  Seals and smooths hair with intense shine.  Mild hold.

Price: $21.00
Where can I get it at?
Amazon Or if you are in Orem\Provo area Amara Day Spa

I found a review on this product and I couldn't have said it better so here is what she said...
"Holy Grial of shine polisher/cuticle hair saver... WOW... I got this as a sample from my local Salon Centric and thought nothing of it.. then put it to the test a couple of days ago and one thing I have to say is that finally there is a polish serum that dosent make your hair oily!
I use this every day to re-boost my shine in my hair and also put some in before blowdrying.. I seriously am in love with this stuff, kind of find it cool how its a cream when you put it in your hands and you rub it into a serum.. its so lighweight yet really does the job and makes your hair looks so soft and luminous.. I am in LOVE with this stuff :)"

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