Fathers Day...

Fathers Day is 48 hours away... You ready?
This is a hard to buy for fun holiday to shop for.  

For the youngsters

Toms Blue Herringbone Vegan Stitchouts

Price: $68.00
Where can I get it at? Toms.com  

The Movie

For the Mid Range 

The Movie

Favorite Magazine...

And if none of these work for your loved one...
Make them these
They are my current {crave}
I call them "crack balls"  but my sis more appropriately calls them
Oreo Truffles


1 package Oreos (you can also use Golden Oreos, which are equally as delicious.)
6 oz cream cheese, room temp
Almond Bark, milk chocolate and white chocolate, melted

In a food processor, process Oreo cookies into a fine crumb.
Using a stand mixer, mix together Oreo crumbs and cream cheese.
Form dough into 1/2 tablespoon - 1 tablespoon sized balls. Place on a cookie sheet lined with parchment. Freeze for at least a half hour.

If you are making Golden Oreo truffles as well, do the same: process, mix, and freeze.

Take hardened balls from freezer and dip in melted Almond Bark. You can either melt the Almond Bark in a microwave or over the stove. Make sure not to burn it though, so gently heat the chocolate over medium-low heat. Decorate the truffles with drizzles of contrasting chocolate. Or do whatever your mind thinks up.

Place dipped truffles on parchment covered cookie sheet. Refrigerate to harden the chocolate before serving.

Remove from fridge 10 minutes before serving. Enjoy!

  Photo's Courtesy: Talk chow Play house

Just a couple of ideas
Happy Friday!


Facial Refresher

Every couple of weeks my face goes through some sort of awesome hormonal rage and I end up looking like a hot mess!  I called one of my esty (esthetician) friends who hooked me up with a new facial fav...


Product Description:  Every acne treatment performed in Kate’s clinic begins with Detox Daily Cleanser. Get a clean start with this detoxifying cleanser & restore clarity to your complexion.
Acne and Anti-aging Acne
  • Removes impurities without irritating or over drying stressed skin
  • Fights harmful acne causing bacteria
  • Stabilizes oil production countering future breakouts
  • Phytic Acid helps fade post-acne scars & reduce inflammation
Price: $32.00
Where can I get it at?

What does b* say?
This is hands down the most effective oily\acne prone cleanser I have found to date! Most cleanser in this category strip your face and leave it dry and tight.  I have not found this to do either.  It is a deep clean without leaving your face flakey and dry.  I like to combine mine with my clarisonic for best results.   

Kate Sommerville
Product Description:
Result-oriented & alcohol-free, this refreshing toner clarifies & balances oily/problematic skin. Leaves skin feeling clean, calm & ready for the next step of your Kate Somerville regimen.
  • Witch hazel, a natural antiseptic, aggressively fights acne-causing bacteria
  • Phytic acid, a naturally delivered antioxidant, exfoliator & lightening agent, helps to reduce post-acne scars
  • Reduces oil production 
Price: $24.00
Where can I get it at?

What does b* say?
If there is one product to have in your arsenal it is a great toner.  This one does not have any weird odor, it is refreshing, clears blemishes, and lightens your skin tone all at once.  It leaves my face feeling refreshed and clean.  I may not stray from this one for awhile. I am a huge fan!


Polish Polish Polish

I have not had color on my nails for a few months now.  I sort of got in to a polish rut.  Maybe it was just a drizzly spring rut, but what ever the case the sun is shinning and my nails are loving the shade that currently adorns them.


Product description:  A Dazzling Purplish-Red Cream

Where can I get it at?
I got mine at target for $8.00 and You can get it at Essie for the same price
Amazon has it for $4.95

I also am craving these colors...
Mango Bango
 Peach Daiquiri
e-nuf is e-nuf


Juicy Tube

I am not too picky when it comes to my lips.  I pretty much will use whatever.  I typically only have 2 conditions... Shine and color.


Price: $18.00
Where can I get it?

What does b* say?
I am in love.  This is my new obsession, I want it in every color.  My current favorites are Pure and Tickled Pink.  I think the tickled pink was a perfect spring color, it is more mauve than pink.  It is not tacky at all.  If you are a lip stick wearer this would be a great layering product to add the right amount of shine to your matte lips. 


Smooth down your frizzle

I am not a huge fan of hair products.  Reason being, I really cannot wash this mane everyday and I have found that most products require me to do that.  Most pomades and cuticle sealers make my hair greasy and\or static.  Blah Blah Blah.  
I don't like product but when I get a wild hair I'll branch out and try something to see if in fact it will not do the aforementioned. I found one folks

Product Description: Lightweight cream-to-serum formula.  Seals and smooths hair with intense shine.  Mild hold.

Price: $21.00
Where can I get it at?
Amazon Or if you are in Orem\Provo area Amara Day Spa

I found a review on this product and I couldn't have said it better so here is what she said...
"Holy Grial of shine polisher/cuticle hair saver... WOW... I got this as a sample from my local Salon Centric and thought nothing of it.. then put it to the test a couple of days ago and one thing I have to say is that finally there is a polish serum that dosent make your hair oily!
I use this every day to re-boost my shine in my hair and also put some in before blowdrying.. I seriously am in love with this stuff, kind of find it cool how its a cream when you put it in your hands and you rub it into a serum.. its so lighweight yet really does the job and makes your hair looks so soft and luminous.. I am in LOVE with this stuff :)"


Mazzy Flip Flop

My current flip flop 
Is the Banana Rebublic

Price: $39.50
Where can I get them at?

What does b* say?
The ultimate summer shoe for me is a flip flop.  I happened to stumble across these a few weeks ago.  I was first drawn to the plethora of colors and then once they were on I was hooked on the comfort. The are functional, comfy and cute.  What more can you ask for.  I have the Pewter and Gold but I wishing for the lime cocktail at the moment.


Conceal and Deshine

I am positive that "deshine" is not a word and doesn't make much sense, but I am running short on creative post titles!  
I was perusing my local target in search for a concealer and powder.   I found these and have to say that I am very very impressed!  Especially with the powder!

Price: $5.50
Where can I get it?
I got mine at target but I am sure you could find it at any super market that sells Maybelline

What does b* say?
This was a lucky find.  I was looking for something darker than I usually wear that offered a bit thicker coverage.  The circles under my eyes have been abnormally dark and Maybelline Fit Me did the trick!  I have never really cover blemishes with concealer until now and I use this product for that as well.  Like I said it is a bit thicker but not cakey or chalky.  I am a big fan and who can beat a great concealer for $5.50?!

L'oreal True Match Powder

Price: $7-9
Where can I get it?
I got mine at target but it looks like the amazon price is better
What does b* say?
I didn't realize how shinny my forehead was till I looked closely at a couple of photos!  This powder is light but covers up the unwanted shine.  I also use it over the concealer under my eyes and I am really liking the results.  One of the things that I like the most is the color match.  It seems like the product will match well with any color of skin.  Not orange or cake like.  Sheer and natural.



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