Let's Snuggle!

One of the big things I {crave} while I am at work is a big snuggle on the couch with the littles when I get home.  We have been using a quilt as of late but recently purchased this...


Price: $245.00
Where can I get it at?

What does b* say?
I first bought a little giraffe blankie when C was born and have been hooked on the company since.  They are soft, luscious, and wash well!  I have a few in Luxe as well as Chenille and although they are both very nice and great quality I am partial to the Luxe.  The price point is high but this blanket is one that you will get your money out of!


  1. You can also buy them at sassymia.com or Amber Callister at (801) 319-2376 for a great price!



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