I pad2

There has been a lot of debate in our house hold about this...

Apple Ipad2

Mr. Ace and I think they are might neat but there are a few pro and cons I would like y'all to weigh in on.

  Why an I pad over a 13" air mac or a mac book pro?  
Do you use your Ipad as much as a computer or is it simply used for the same reasons as you Smart phone?
If you were to get one would you get white or black?
WIFI or 3GS?
16G, 32G, or 64G?
What is the number one thing you use it most for?

And my questions go on but I will start with these.  Any advice would be much appreciated!


  1. Hi B, we really love ours but our 4 year old is the big fan! We love to take it on road trips (hence we got the wi-fi and 3g version) and out to dinner so that he is entertained. We are big Apple fans in our house and while it is like a large iphone it is much more portable than a laptop. Its lightweight and easy to carry. Make sure that you get a sturdy case if you buy one. You want to protect your investment! Our son loves all the educational games on it not to mention all the movies that he has loaded on it (we have the 64G one and have about 8 movies on it and it is not even full!).

    I think you all would love it! Problem is, now we are saying that we need two and not one! :)

    E-mail me with any questions! lizbowman@cox.net


  2. I use the iPad for surfing the web or playing games. It in no way replaces my MacBook though! It's a nifty gadget but doesn't support adobe flash so there are some websites I can't even look at, just like the iPhone. If you are looking at them as just a fun thing to have for the purpose of games, reading(we have our scriptures on ours which is handy at church) and for surfing (most) if the internet, get it. But if you are trying to make a decision between an actual laptop or iPad, there is no contest. The laptop all the way! The iPad gets very annoying to try and type on.:)

  3. Oh and we just have the black. But that white one looks awesome! That would be my first pic! And I totally agree with the kids loving to use it!!! Ace loves the games!!!

  4. If you get one, get a ZAGGMate w/keyboard. This is the only way to use one and will make it most like your laptop. It's also great for watching movies seeing as it props it up. They're only about 100 bucks!

  5. I have the first gen one. I use it tons all day. But Kar is right. It doesn't replace a computer. IF you already have an older laptop or macbook, then you should definitely get one. If you already have an iphone you don't need the 3g one cause you can use your phone for the internet when you're traveling. I love it in White. Good luck! ANd yes great for surfing the net and playing games. kids love them and are indestructible!

  6. I love our Ipad for the internet and games but it in no way replaces my Mac Book! Like Kar said it doesn't have Flash Player so there are limited things you can and can't do on it. There great to have and I would definitely suggest White! Ours is black but I love the crispness of the white one!

  7. Agreed. We bought ours mainly to keep our kids busy at Church. 32 G. Better tool for the kids than a macair or even an itouch cause the screen is bigger. Download movies too. White.



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