Unbashedly Feminine

The product description reads, "A modern floral fragrance, Kimono Rose is unabashedly feminine, beautifully layered and intriguingly complex." I like the "unabashedly feminine" part.  I looked up unabashedly in the dictionary and it said, "undistinguished, unapologetic".  Interesting.  


Price: $14-30
Depending on the item you like. I have only tried the Body Lotion and highly recommend it!
Where can I get it at?

What does b* say?
This is my new go to scent, it is so fresh and really beautiful <- for lack of a better word.  It is well rounded, not over powering, and all in all a very clean scent.  You get floral notes with a tiny tiny hint of vanilla.  I am not a huge vanilla girl but this offers just the right ratio. 

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