Sunless wipes in the sunshine state

I am here.  I made it in late last night.  Nice flight. Nice hotel, sans the pillow which was harder than the concrete floor in the LAX airport which I am all to familiar with.  With that said I am safe and sound and I have todays FAV and it is so exciting,  for me at least.  

5 years ago I was introduced to Este Lauder's  self tanning towelettes wipe,  It was an obsession at first application!  There was no mess, it went on seamlessly (no streaks),  and the tan was a golden dew (never any orange).  About 2 years ago they were no longer available.  Discontinued.  It was tragic.  
Last week,  a friend of mine was introducing me to some new products to help me with my night regimen.  As I was perusing the site that she suggested, I came across this...


Kate Somerville Tanning Towellets - Face and Body

Price $48 Found them on Amazon for $45.50
Where can I get it at?
Amazon,  Kate Somerville, or Sephora 
Amazon has the best price with free shipping

What does b* say?
When I saw these I freaked out!  Literally, screamed!  I did not even hesitate when I added them to my cart.  Again,  It is the PERFECT glow!  I apply to my face and hands always and every blue moon my legs (when I where skirts or what not).  I highly recommend this!  I am so in love with it... it might be our next GIVEAWAY?  What do you think about that?

If you decide to purchase from Katesomerville.com there are two coupon codes on is 10% off enter: KATEBOOK and check out or you can choose a FREE travel size exfolikate enter: MINI at check out.

PS. Don't you love how bright and cheery the packaging is?  


  1. Absolutely LOVE Kate Somerville! She is AMAZING!!!! Great product Britt!

  2. You stinker!!!! Have fun in the warmer weather!!! Can't wait til we see some o' that!!!!

  3. I think you should post a picture of you after applying the sunless towellettes :) Do they have the "sunless tanning lotion" smell??

  4. WOW!! I am excited about these b/c I am always just using Sunless lotions but i HAVE to be so careful with them or certain parts look orange! I would love to try these out since i am so fair and freckly!



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