Praying for SUMMER

The last few days have been extremely drab!  I mean cloudy, cold, and rainy.  Perfect weather for a fire, good book, a snuggy and a cup of hot cocoa.  But since time doesn't allow for any of the that I am day dreaming about these... 
Price $115.00
Where can I get it at?

What Does B* say?
I think this suit is classy and elegant.  I love the color options!  I am partial to the color shown as well as the navy.  The cost is pricey but I have Jcrew suits from 10 years ago that are in perfect condition!  They are an investment but the quality is great!

Price: $115.00
Where can I get it at?

What does B* say?
Same as before. Classy, elegant, and comes in some great color options!  I like that this is a bandeau tank so you can avoid all of those awesome tan lines!

Happy Monday

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  1. Such cute swimsuits!! Makes me so happy summer is on its way!!

  2. Oh my LOVE that Pink Swimsuit!!! SOOOO Cute!



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