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Ever since C was tiny a baby I have been crazy over Janie and Jacks dress clothing.  It makes him look so dapper!  Then when Miss. G was born it was a whole new story!  Not only did I like there dress lines but I was and am crazy for just about anything they offer!  The clothes are classic, simple, and timeless.  Even Mr. Ace thinks there swell which in my opinion is saying something!  And with no further ado... my favs and discount code. 

Ruffle Charmeuse Dress
$54.99 + 25% off

Pin Dot Pleated Top
$22.99 + 25% off

Pique Bermuda Shorts
$26.99 + 25% off

Bow Strip Dress

$42.99 + 25% off

The Whole Pretty Poppies Line!!

 To be honest I really like the whole "Spring Tulip" line, "Pretty Poppy" line as well as the "Spring Green" line. 
And the good news is that most of it is already 25% off so another 25% is pretty sweet!

For C
Some of the Coastal Resort line

I am liking the courtside at the club line... might be good for Easter Sunday

And from Spring Green

Truth is their clothes are really pricey, but in this case you pay for the quality that you get! 
TIP:  Wait for it to go on sale.  If you live in a climate like me your seasons are a month or two behind behind anyway.  So by the time the items go on sale you are just in time to wear it!   PS the sales are sizable and worth not paying full price for!

Online code...
at check out clink in

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