For friends and family\Give and get weeks! 
I look forward to this time of year for many reasons; namely, Gap and Janie and Jacks friends and family discounts!  It is a good time to stock up on spring and summer clothing for the kids all the while saving 25-30%. 

Here are few of my 
and some coupon code that you can print off or use online. 

What I am liking from Gap

For Miss G.
Stripped Maxi Dress

$24.95 + 30% off

Sun Ruffle Hat

$19.95 + 30% off

Stripped Pocket T

$16.95 + 30% off

Boomer Shorts

$14.50 + 30% off

All Paired with some Black tom's?  Too cute

For C
Stripped Jersey Polo
$16.95 + 30%

Plaid Shorts

$24.95 + 30%

For the gal?
Tulip Sleeve T
$29.50 + 30% off

 Metallic Keds Slip on

For Mr. Ace


Friends and Family discount available today through the 20th.

5% of your purchase goes to a non profit organization of your choice!

Check back tomorrow for Janie and Jack code as well as my favorite items!

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  1. Ahhh! Wish I wouldve had that discount code for Janie and Jack last week!! Saving 30% on the stuff I got wouldve been superb!!! Such cute swimsuits for lil gals right now! But I'll be excited for the code anyway...an excuse to get a few more things!;). Thanks Brit!



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