Well, last nights bachelor episode was good.  I was happy that Brad chose Emily and I thought that the engagement was fantastic, I actually shed a tear!  But, the after the rose deal was nothing short of disappointing.  I guess there is that part in a women and I think in humans in general  that want to see the happily ever after!  I think this goes along well with the giveaway. 
B* believes...  that life is what you make of it!  
If you want to see the good in someone you will
If you want to make something work and try with all your might it will
I believe that you make your own happiness!

and the winner is...

The word BELIEVE is my "word of the year" that I chose to follow this year. This is perfect and would be awesome in my office! I BELIEVE you have to choose happiness and not wait for it to happen.


  1. HOORAY!!! I never win these giveaways! I'm thrilled!!! I'll email you now!!! Thank you!

  2. did I leave you my email??

    thanks, can't wait to have it up in my office!



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