After the use of the towelettes

I had a request yesterday to post a picture of myself after I used to Kate Somerville Sunless Towlettes.  So here it is, it is not great because I had hauled my self all over Los Angeles yesterday and this was taken at 11:55 that night.  
Keep in mind my face has not seen any sun since about August so it was pretty pale. Talk about vitamin D deficient.  I think the wipes add the perfect amount of bronze.  
The question was also asked if they have a tanning lotion smell?  Yes, they do.  I always apply at night to face, neck, chest, and arms.  Then shower the next morning.  The smell is not to much or strong.  I just don't care for it.  


  1. Thanks a bunch! You look great--even at nearly Midnight :) I always feel better with a "tan" but I don't always have the time to go to a tanning bed (and getting cancer makes me nervous, too). Thanks for the post!

  2. Seriously you look gorgeous! And at midnight could I envy you anymore? I also love a little tan and have owned a spray gun from Sally beauty supply that I have loved but I'm always up to try something new. Thanks for the tip



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