Afraid to Moisturize?

Moisturizers make me nervous.  I never know if they are moisturizing or clogging my pores with all of their oils, special additives and blah blah blah!  A few months ago a gal pal of mine turned me on to Kate Somerville and I am loving her oil free moisturizer.

Product description:
Afraid to moisturize — but want to fight those lines? Sensitive or prone to breakouts? Kate’s Oil-Free Moisturizer is for you! Finally — an oil-free moisturizer that delivers RESULTS!

Sensitive/Combination to Oily

  • Algae-based Pepha-Tight® tones and hydrates the skin while working to help fight the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Skin appears tightened and refined - see immediate and long term effects!
  • Rich sea plant extracts contain powerful amino acid to encourage collagen production
  • Unique blend of ingredients help absorb oil and reflect light for a flawless finish
  • Ideal for oily, sensitive, and combination skin types
Price: $65.00
Where can I get it at?
Amazon or Kate Somerville

What does b* say?
My skin feels great after using this.  It is not a light weight moisturizer I would say it is more medium weight, but it sinks into the skin easily with no greasy residue.  It could be used as a day or night cream.  I actually use it for both.  One problem... the price.  I think it is steep but it is really worth trying!

For 10% off you purchase at KateSomerville.com type in
as the coupon code!


Bijou Market Giveaway

I am very excited to announce that the 
is just around the corner.
The gals have really out done themselves this time and have got some fun new innovative vendors.

To get us all excited they have been gracious enough to 
Giveaway this...

To enter to win:

Please be a become a follower of crave rave fav and post this to you blog, facebook, or twitter

Please follow Bijou Markets Blog at www.bijoumarket.com

Please RSVP to bijou market on facebook

And then leave a comment stating what you did to enter as well as you favorite thing about SPRING!


Praying for SUMMER

The last few days have been extremely drab!  I mean cloudy, cold, and rainy.  Perfect weather for a fire, good book, a snuggy and a cup of hot cocoa.  But since time doesn't allow for any of the that I am day dreaming about these... 
Price $115.00
Where can I get it at?

What Does B* say?
I think this suit is classy and elegant.  I love the color options!  I am partial to the color shown as well as the navy.  The cost is pricey but I have Jcrew suits from 10 years ago that are in perfect condition!  They are an investment but the quality is great!

Price: $115.00
Where can I get it at?

What does B* say?
Same as before. Classy, elegant, and comes in some great color options!  I like that this is a bandeau tank so you can avoid all of those awesome tan lines!

Happy Monday

Check Back Tomorrow for a great Bijou Market Giveaway!


Dedicated to the "craft" of Hairdressing

Anything that says that they are dedicated to the craft of anything is worth trying!!!
Price: $7-56
Where can I get it at?

Price: $8-58
Where can I get it at?

What does b* say?
It is very mild and very moisturizing!  I am a blond... not natural obviously, so my hair is chemically treated every 6 weeks.  I have found this product to be very good for helping with the recovery process!  My favorite aspect is the SHINE!


Sephora + Nars = One Happy Gal

I was strolling through Sephora on Friday, on the hunt for a new bronzer.  I have used the Bobbi Brown Brick for years and was kind of in the mood to switch it up!  I tried a few different ones but was most impressed with Nars.  

Bronzing Powder
Nars Bronzing Powder is a true brown-based bronzer with a gold shimmer fusion that's excellent for creating or enhancing the look of healthy, glowing, tanned skin.

Price: $33.00
Where can I get it?
Sephora or Amazon

What does b* say?
When I looked at it for the first time I was skeptical because it seemed like it would be thick and just to strong of a color.  But I was wrong.  If you apply it with the correct brush it is light and adds just the right shade.  It also contains a very light sparkle!

In my opinion the perfect brush to us is the

I found it online at AMAZON for $19.99 and it is regularly $50.00

What does b* say?
Holy cow GREAT price.  In stores it is 50+ The bristles\hairs are the most soft that I have felt in any brush!  It is large and offers a great even coverage!



Janie and Jack Friends and Family

Ever since C was tiny a baby I have been crazy over Janie and Jacks dress clothing.  It makes him look so dapper!  Then when Miss. G was born it was a whole new story!  Not only did I like there dress lines but I was and am crazy for just about anything they offer!  The clothes are classic, simple, and timeless.  Even Mr. Ace thinks there swell which in my opinion is saying something!  And with no further ado... my favs and discount code. 

Ruffle Charmeuse Dress
$54.99 + 25% off

Pin Dot Pleated Top
$22.99 + 25% off

Pique Bermuda Shorts
$26.99 + 25% off

Bow Strip Dress

$42.99 + 25% off

The Whole Pretty Poppies Line!!

 To be honest I really like the whole "Spring Tulip" line, "Pretty Poppy" line as well as the "Spring Green" line. 
And the good news is that most of it is already 25% off so another 25% is pretty sweet!

For C
Some of the Coastal Resort line

I am liking the courtside at the club line... might be good for Easter Sunday

And from Spring Green

Truth is their clothes are really pricey, but in this case you pay for the quality that you get! 
TIP:  Wait for it to go on sale.  If you live in a climate like me your seasons are a month or two behind behind anyway.  So by the time the items go on sale you are just in time to wear it!   PS the sales are sizable and worth not paying full price for!

Online code...
at check out clink in



For friends and family\Give and get weeks! 
I look forward to this time of year for many reasons; namely, Gap and Janie and Jacks friends and family discounts!  It is a good time to stock up on spring and summer clothing for the kids all the while saving 25-30%. 

Here are few of my 
and some coupon code that you can print off or use online. 

What I am liking from Gap

For Miss G.
Stripped Maxi Dress

$24.95 + 30% off

Sun Ruffle Hat

$19.95 + 30% off

Stripped Pocket T

$16.95 + 30% off

Boomer Shorts

$14.50 + 30% off

All Paired with some Black tom's?  Too cute

For C
Stripped Jersey Polo
$16.95 + 30%

Plaid Shorts

$24.95 + 30%

For the gal?
Tulip Sleeve T
$29.50 + 30% off

 Metallic Keds Slip on

For Mr. Ace


Friends and Family discount available today through the 20th.

5% of your purchase goes to a non profit organization of your choice!

Check back tomorrow for Janie and Jack code as well as my favorite items!



Well, last nights bachelor episode was good.  I was happy that Brad chose Emily and I thought that the engagement was fantastic, I actually shed a tear!  But, the after the rose deal was nothing short of disappointing.  I guess there is that part in a women and I think in humans in general  that want to see the happily ever after!  I think this goes along well with the giveaway. 
B* believes...  that life is what you make of it!  
If you want to see the good in someone you will
If you want to make something work and try with all your might it will
I believe that you make your own happiness!

and the winner is...

The word BELIEVE is my "word of the year" that I chose to follow this year. This is perfect and would be awesome in my office! I BELIEVE you have to choose happiness and not wait for it to happen.


Will you accept this rose?

 Blog Confession...
Did you know that I have only missed two sessions of this show ever?
And this session happens to be one of my 

So, who do you think it is going to be and why?

Chantel O?



Leave me a comment below with your thoughts... No spoilers please!


It all about the eyes

Do you wake up some mornings look in the mirror and wonder what happened to your eyes during the night.  There are some mornings I wake up and my under eye and eye lids are on the same plane as my cheeks and forehead.  Puff central!  I usually can count on that after Sushi or some meal high in sodium.  Anyway I found an amazing solution...

Clinique - All about the eyes serum De-Puffing Eye Massage

Product Description:  This instantly cooling rollerball helps massage away bags, refreshes and hydrates puffy eyes on contact. Brightens eye area immediately and over time. Combats dark circles, too. With caffeine, potent antioxidants and soothing botanicals. Oil-free, non-irritating. Ophthalmologist Tested. 

Price $26.00
Where can I get it at?
Any major department store that carries Clinique
Best Price at AMAZON $23.99

What does b* say?
Most mornings I apply the product right before my make up application.  If I notice dark bags or any puffiness through out the day I will apply it then!

I hope you all enjoy your Friday!!
Don't forget about the I Believe Quote GIVEAWAY!  
Enter to win on the sidebar!


Manic About Mauve

Don't know what the dealio is lately, but I have had a love affair with anything and everything MAUVE.  Especially nail color!  It is like a refreshing spring pick me up every time I look at them.  This is the color I am craving.
Price $8.99
Where can I get it at?

Or if you are an Essie Lover
Price $4.95
Where can I get it at?

I don't have the Soiree Mauve but I would like too!?!  Has anyone tried it before?


A hump day giveaway...

A few days ago I was sort of in a rut, see post here.  Along with my blah blah blah I found some great quotes that really did brighten my day.  Last week I got in contact with the etsy shop, 3LambsGraphics, that provides the prints and asked if they would be kind enough to do a giveaway?  Sure enough, Amy complied and was so very sweet!

So here you have it another fine 
Entry Requirements:
1: Post a comment on facebook\twitter or blog about the giveaway as well as putting the crave rave fav button on you side bar! Then Leave a comment below telling me what you did. 
2: You must be a follower!  If you already follow this blog you must refer a friend who will become a follower.  Please leave a comment below.  
Most Importantly 
3: Leave a comment telling me something you believe in!!

I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday.  I plan to spend mine with my kiddos in the sun :)


Unbashedly Feminine

The product description reads, "A modern floral fragrance, Kimono Rose is unabashedly feminine, beautifully layered and intriguingly complex." I like the "unabashedly feminine" part.  I looked up unabashedly in the dictionary and it said, "undistinguished, unapologetic".  Interesting.  


Price: $14-30
Depending on the item you like. I have only tried the Body Lotion and highly recommend it!
Where can I get it at?

What does b* say?
This is my new go to scent, it is so fresh and really beautiful <- for lack of a better word.  It is well rounded, not over powering, and all in all a very clean scent.  You get floral notes with a tiny tiny hint of vanilla.  I am not a huge vanilla girl but this offers just the right ratio. 



About a year ago I got Mr. Ace and C matching boots for Christmas.  I am sort of a nut when it comes to matching within appropriate parameters.  I think I got the match bug from my darling Grandparents who still coordinator outfits to this day. 

These are my 
for the whole family...

Price: $95
Where can I get it at?
My favorite NYC store Shoe Parlor

What does b* say?
I am a lover for the short boot which you will see below, but I tried these on and fell for them.  They are comfortable!  I like to cuff my jeans or wear a skinny leg with them.  They are not a typical shoe for me but they have become one of my current fav's. 

For Mr. Ace:
Price: $95
Where can I get it at?

For C
Clark's Kids Desert Boot (toddler)
Price: Reg $56 On sale $44.80
Where can I get it at?
For G
Clarks Kids Desert Boot (toddler)

Price: Reg $56 On sale $44.80
Where can I get it at?
I really like the sand color for G!




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