Don't know why folks but today I am in a rut.  
You know the kind when you wake up and look in the mirror and everything seems to be wrong.  
My morning thoughts went like this... 
1. Wow, you look large and Pale.  You need a tan. 
2. Maybe it's your hair.  You should cut it.  It's not really blonde or brown.  You should pick one.  How about a blonde A-line with bangs. 
3.  Your face is splotchy - Shoot you forgot to moisturize last night.
4. You really should not have polished off that cinnamon roll last night - it's gonna cost ya
4.  Your late shut-up and put some clothes on.  Clothes arrgg... wear something stretchy it is going to be an uncomfortable day!

And then this little sweet thing walked in my bathroom
and said... "Hi mommy, what ya doing."
I had been in here beating my self up.  As I stared at my beautiful, innocent, GORGEOUS little one all I could think was I never want her to think or feel anything that I just did.  She is too sweet.  And the only way to keep those insecurities from her is to put mine to rest.  We are all children of God.  Special and Beautiful in our own right.  I am me for a reason and I need to be my best!

Today's reminder

Price $12.00
Where Can I get it at?
What does b* say?
No only does this quote apply to others but I think it applies to us as individuals.  Don't beat your selves up!  Life it too...SHORT!  And you are worth it!

I think this is pretty SWELL asWELL!
Thank you Mrs. Audrey you are my FAVORITE!

Price $21.00
Where can I get it at:

I may just end this day with a little Roman Holiday or Breakfast at Tiffanys!


  1. So so true...and love those prints! Super cute!

  2. Charise wrote: "I sooo needed to read that today! I have been in a RUT all week! Thanks for the wonderful post darlin!! "

  3. Love this post! We all have those days and it's so nice to have things slapped into perspective again!



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