Our NYC eats...

1 of many to come!  
We were told that Shake Shack was a MUST TRY
It just so happened that it was right around the corner from our theater. It was the first stop on our "food tour".  We were famished due to a canceled flight; which in turn became an all day flight. Upon arrival we were late (as usual) and had to go strait to our play.  We finally landed at the Shack Shake around 10:30pm.
Starving... This was what was on OUR menu... 

4 Shack Burgers
2 Cheese Burgers
1 Shack Burger (No Bun)
1 Shack-Cago Dog
2 Regular Fries
1 Hand-Spun Black and White Shake
1 Hand-Spun Strawberry Shake
1 Hand-Spun Carmel Marshmallow Malt
1 Hand-Spun Vanilla Shake
1 Creamsicle Float

Shake Shack prides itself in sourcing premium ingredients.
We use 100% natural, vegetarian-fed and humanely raised
beef (with no hormones or antibiotics – EVER). Our frozen
custard is the real deal, made with milk from dairy farmers
who don't use artificial growth hormones.
Their Motto is 
No Shortcuts to Quality

What does b* say?
I am a 5 guys gal through and through love the burger love the cajun fries love everything about it.  Especially the fry sauce!  So weighing in on shack shake... I thought their burgers were fine didn't knock my socks off but... well I'd take it but most likely leave it.  The shake was delicious but if I were going to go back I would order a concrete foundation with the shack-cago dog and call it a day.  The Shack-cago dog was AMAZING!

Check back for more of our good eats!

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  1. Love love love the Shake shack! We ate there when we were there back in July and my mom and little sister just ate there last week. So yummy!



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