NYC Eats part 4...

This one deserves it's very own post!!  We first went to this joint because of all of the hype...you know the movie, the stars, the frozen hot chocolate.  But we went back two more time because of the most AMAZING SUNDAES!  Holy cow!  DO NOT MISS...

(Otherwise know as Piccadilly.  Coined my Momma B because she could not remember the name!)

Night one...
Frozen Hot Chocolate and "Can't Say No" Sundae 
(humble peanutbutter pie, ice cream, banana and hot fudge with whipped cream)

What does b* say?
The Frozen Hot Chocolate was really good!  It was a favorite of Mr. Aces and My fathers.  But I have to say the "can't say no" sundae was my #1 must try of the whole trip!!  Peanut-butter pie, fresh bananas, large scoops of vanilla ice cream, hot oozing fudge, and whip cream (which I would omit.  Didn't care for the consistency).  Get in my belly and it did the whole sundae.  YUM-O!

For night two I had...
A "can't say no" sundae with the pie on the side and switch the fudge for butterscotch.  If you are a scotch lover (sauce not substance) you would love this!

And even though you will have no idea who is in this picture I do! And I FREAKED OUT.  Being the avid haven't missed one season of the Bachelor watcher that I am, I was struck.  Not like want to take a picture with them struck.  More or less watch and observe struck.  With no further ADO -

Gia and Jessie from Jake's Season and the Bachelor Pad
Gia on the left and Jessie on the right.
Very pretty in person!
Bubbly and seemed HAPPY!
Happy Eating!


  1. So jealous!!! I have always wanted to eat there! And seriously a peanut butter pie in a sundae??? could it get any better! Oh and P.S. loved Gia on jakes season. She was a doll!

  2. Looks delicious! Rad you saw them eating there! LOVE the bachelor!



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